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Are cabbage white butterflies good for the garden?

Cabbage white butterflies are still butterflies and great garden pollinators. There is a large white (Pieris brassicae) and a small white (Pieris rapae).

Do cabbage butterflies eat tomatoes?

Cabbage moths are to brassicas as hornworms are to tomatoes. They are THE pest that you need to know about if you plan to grow brassicas. White cabbage butterflies lay their eggs on brassica plants, often on the underside of the leaves.

What plants do white butterflies like?

They’ll eat any brassica, so cabbages, broccoli, kale, cauliflower and sprouts are all at risk. There are two types of cabbage white butterfly in the UK: the small white (Pieris rapae) and the large white (Pieris brassicae).

What plants do white butterflies hate?

Nasturtiums, except the yellow flowering one, are a deterrent to aphids. Celery planted with cauliflower will keep away the white butterfly. Marigold is the best to battle against many insects, which hate the smell of the foliage and blooms.

How do you attract white cabbage butterflies?

To attract them, try planting these long-blooming flowers that hummingbirds also love. You can usually find them near their favorite nectar plants, mustards and asters, too.

Why are white butterflies bad for the garden?

Damage: Adult butterflies do not cause any damage to plants. Large white larvae (yellow and black patterned caterpillars) will destroy small brassica plants and severely damage larger plants. Large infestations can often defoliate whole brassica crops if left untreated.

Are cabbage white butterflies territorial?

Males do not display considerable amounts of territorial behaviour. It has been suggested that this could be a reason why there is no observed significant sexual dimorphism between the male and female large white butterflies.

What wild plants do cabbage white caterpillars eat?

There are several species of caterpillar that feed on cabbages, other brassicas and other plants including turnip, swede, horseradish and nasturtiums. There are three common caterpillar culprits: Large cabbage white butterfly (Pieris brassicae) Small cabbage white butterfly (Pieris rapae)

Do cabbage white butterflies eat cabbages?

Cabbages and other brassicas are a favourite food source of a number of caterpillars, and can be extensively holed by the end of summer. Large cabbage white butterfly (Pieris brassicae) on Cabbage (Brassica sp.).

What plants do cabbage white caterpillars eat?

A Cabbage-white caterpillars feed on any cruciferous or cabbage-family plants. Vegetables are the usual hosts, but ornamental plants are also eaten – stocks and nasturtiums being favourites.

What to plant to keep cabbage white butterflies away?

A few of these around the garden look just like Cabbage White Butterflies, and will scare us off! Plant smelly herbs to confuse me such as sage, dill and coriander. Plant land cress Barbarea verna (it has a lot of common names like “early yellow rocket” 1 and sometimes confused with Barbarea vulgaris) somewhere else in the garden.

Can you plant broccoli with a cabbage plant?

However, we are drawing the line at brassicas (omitting cresses and radishes), not to further confuse companion planting guidelines. In the list of companion plants below, one can safely assume that where you can plant cabbages with beets, peas or borage, you can also plant your broccoli or kale.

What to plant with members of the cabbage family?

If you have been wondering where to plant your beans, the answer is with beets, broccoli, cabbage, lettuce and other cool-season crops. Pole beans, for instance, when they are planted nearby members of the cabbage family, can provide shade from the heat of the sun.

What kind of butterfly eats cabbage and leaves?

This is in fact the larvae of the Cabbage White butterfly otherwise known as the ‘cabbage moth’ or ‘cabbage worm’, and the caterpillar can cause massive destruction to any brassicas such as these listed above, and indeed many other vegetables.