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5 Advantages of Using Foam Mattresses

With the advent of innovation of the latest bed designs 2019, mattresses have also reached a new transcend. One of the most important and recent discoveries in the realm of the mattress and specialty beds is the new foam mattress. 80% of the population relies on foam mattress while choosing a mattress of their preference. Why most of the population relies on it is because of the various advantages a foam mattress comes with. It is temperature and pressure sensitive; it is equipped with an open-celled construction facility and provides maximum resilience and comfort.

Here are 5 advantages of using a foam mattress:

1. Pressure points: One of the biggest benefits of a foam mattress is that it helps avoid pressure points. The mattress is a great way to prevent pain by its use of the pressure points to reduce the stress in the muscles. The spring in the mattress pushes the weight upwards against the body while the gravity pulls them down. The foam mattress does not avoid the weight of the body and keeps it relaxed curing the pressure in the hips and the shoulders. It is perfect and the perfect fit for the latest bed designs 2019.

2. Alignment support: The memory foam mattresses are perfect for the natural spinal alignment. Spring mattresses often push against the hips and shoulders, whereas the water beds cause “hammock effect” causing distortions in the body that causes the torso to sink back into the body. The foam mattress, on the other hand, provides the human body to be supported in its own alignment. It provides support to the necessary points in the body that need support which is different for different people. The most important would be to provide support to the lumbar region.

3. Allergens: The foam mattress has a big advantage in reference to allergens. Most spring mattresses have the possibility of dust-mites and growth of mold. Water beds also suffer from the same problem and air mattresses are more prone to mold growth. The hypoallergenic present in the foam mattress provides proper care and has low – VOC that helps reduce the risks of allergens.

4. Longevity: A good or high-quality memory-foam mattress has high durability. While most spring mattresses have the longevity of 6-7 years, a foam mattress lasts for 10 years. It is as useful as it is durable. The viscoelastic and polyurethane foams help the mattress last longer. The padding is another part of the reason why a foam mattress has greater longevity than any other water or air beds, as they require replacement very often. Hence the latest bed designs 2019 is better with a foam mattress.

5. Motion isolation: A foam mattress has both cellular and a conforming nature and texture. The normal spring mattress and air beds do not have these qualities at all and have noticeable motion transfer, but the foam mattress, on the other hand, is equipped to isolate motion. It is a huge benefit for people who are light sleepers and couples who sleep together.

Buying the right kind of mattress can be a really big decision and a big investment in one’s life. With these simple guidelines, it would always be better to buy a foam mattress. You can buy a mattress without any stress in your life.