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Why was Santana kicked out of Glee?

Glee’s back, and the Gleeks couldn’t be more excited. Schuester (Matthew Morrison) “glitter blombs” Sue during cheerleader tryouts, Santana (Naya Rivera) is kicked out of the glee club after being blamed for setting a purple piano on fire and Glee Project finalist Lindsay Pearce makes her debut on the show.

Did Kurt and Blaine dating in real life?

Although Kurt’s crush is unrequited (so far), Criss’ character Blaine—a prep school kid with an angelic voice—is proudly gay. In real life, Criss, 24, is just as comfortable with his sexuality as Blaine is… except that Criss happens to be straight. It wasn’t until later that I put together that they were gay.”

Does Sue get fired on Glee Season 4?

Sue is fired from the William McKinley High School in “Shooting Star”, when Becky’s gun is shot by accident, causing everyone to think that there’s a school shooting. Sue says it was her gun and she misfired it while checking it, to protect Becky.

What was the most expensive episode of Glee?

With a $6 million budget, it was reportedly the most expensive episode of Glee at the time of broadcast….New York (Glee)

“New York”
Glee episode
Episode no. Season 2 Episode 22
Directed by Brad Falchuk
Written by Brad Falchuk

Was Melissa Benoist in the final episode of Glee?

She is the only alive former series regular not to appear in any form during the final season. She was invited in the series finale for I Lived performance, but was unable to come due to her Supergirl commitment.

What episode does Sue Sylvester leave Glee?

In the controversial “Shooting Star” episode, special needs student Becky Jackson (Lauren Potter) brought a gun to school and it accidentally went off in Sue’s office. Nobody was hurt, but Sue was fired from her job, as she took the blame to protect her student.

Does Sue Sylvester have a baby with Downs?

Big Brother Sue goes to a check-up, where it is revealed that Robin will be born with Downs syndrome. At some point between Season Three and Four, Robin is born. The New Rachel Kurt meets Robin, who was named after Sue’s favorite member of the Bee Gees.

Who are the cast members of fired up garage?

It features two of the mechanics fired from that show’s Dallas, Texas -based Gas Monkey Garage, Tom Smith and Jordan Butler, as well as Thomas Weeks and Scot McMillan, who together start a new company, Fired Up Garage. The series, which premiered October 13, 2014, is produced by Pilgrim Studios, with Craig Piligian,…

Who was fired from the Misfit Garage show?

Given that Richard Rawlings is both an Executive Producer and also the person who fired Tom Smith and Jordan Butler from Gas Monkey Garage, there is little doubt whether these firings were genuine or simply plot-contrivances to free-up these people for their participation in the Misfit Garage show.

When does Fired Up Garage season 3 start?

Season three started March 7, 2016. The “Fired Up Garage” guys buy their next build: a ’69 Plymouth Satellite to turn it into a racer with a 750-hp big block 440 engine. Thomas Weeks has his eyes on a ’32 Ford Five-Window Body owned by Richard Rawlings.

When did the first episode of Glee air?

The pilot episode of the show was broadcast on May 19, 2009, and the rest of the season began on September 9, 2009. Fox initially ordered thirteen episodes of Glee, picking the show up for a full season on September 21, 2009, ordering nine more episodes.