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Why was Lynley Cancelled?

The BBC has axed dectective drama The Inspector Lynley Mysteries. A BBC spokeswoman told Broadcast that the broadcaster needed to “move on from some pieces like the Inspector Lynley Mysteries in order to allow new work to come through.”

Where is Nathaniel Parker now?

Parker is married to actress Anna Patrick. The couple live in Gloucestershire with their two daughters.

What happened to Barbara Havers?

Havers is re-appointed to her rank of Detective Sergeant, and she and Lynley are assigned to investigate the murder of Morag McNicholl. The killing was made to look like a suicide, but it is clear she was killed by a blow to the head and that her wrists were slit after her death.

Who is Nathaniel Parker married to?

Anna Patrickm. 1992
Nathaniel Parker/Spouse

Where was a great deliverance filmed?

The episode was shot on location in Yorkshire, with a generous landscape and a variety of farmhouses and inns as settings.

What car does Lynley drive?

Inspector Lynley’s distinctive blue sports car in the early series is a Jensen Interceptor Mk II. In later series, Lynley’s brown car is a 1968 Bristol 410, an extremely exclusive make of vehicle built in England. Only 79 410 were ever built.

Who is Nate Parker parents?

Carolyn Parker
Nate Parker/Parents

Where did Nathaniel Parker go to school?

Leighton Park SchoolSt Paul’s Juniors
Nathaniel Parker/Education

Does Havers end up with Lynley?

Maybe Ever After: No romantic interest is ever overtly expressed on either side between Lynley and Havers, but the series ends with both of them unattached, reunited as partners, and the most important person in each others’ lives.

Who played Barbara Havers?

Sharon SmallThe Inspector Lynley Mysteries
Barbara Havers/Played by
Havers is portrayed by Scottish actress Sharon Small; Nathaniel Parker plays Lynley.

What nationality is Nathaniel Parker?

Nathaniel Parker/Nationality

Who is Deborah to Inspector Lynley?

Deborah, who is an old friend of China’s, decides to help and all three go back to Guernsey.