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Why is my SiriusXM not working?

Make sure the SiriusXM antenna cable is not bent or broken. Turn your SiriusXM radio off, then on, to reset this message. If using a Dock & Play or Portable Radio, remove the Radio from its docking cradle and then reinstall to attempt to reset this message. The channel you’ve selected is not currently broadcasting.

Can you listen to SiriusXM online?

Listen to SiriusXM On the Go Most SiriusXM plans include the ability to stream with the SXM App. So, you can tap into all kinds of music, plus sports, news, and talk where and when you choose.

Do you have to pay extra to listen to SiriusXM online?

You can also play SiriusXM on your mobile phone, computer, TV, and connected devices—such as those enabled by Amazon Alexa. It’s free and part of your trial subscription. To start listening on your devices, all you need is a SiriusXM login.

Can I listen to Sirius online if I have it in my car?

You’ll enjoy: Access in your car, plus on your phone and at home with the SXM App. On Demand Library, including shows, performances, and interviews. SiriusXM video, including the Howard Stern video collection.

How do I refresh my Sirius signal?

Text the word “Refresh” to 77917 . We’ll send you a text with special link to start the refresh radio process. View a sample of the text message . Once you’re in front of your radio, follow instructions in the text message to complete the signal refresh.

How do I fix my XM radio signal?

Does Sirius still exist?

Yes, Sirius still exists. Technically, XM no longer exists. Sirius and XM completed a merger in 2008 (announced in 2007). Sirius chose Sirius XM as their new name.

Is Sirius XM streaming free?

SiriusXM is giving interested listeners a chance to try out its streaming service absolutely free for four months when you sign up for an Essential Streaming plan. The best part about this package is that you’ll be able to listen anywhere via the SiriusXM app on an Android or iOS device, or online at its website.

What is Sirius XM Halloween channel?

Satellite radio already has a dedicated Halloween channel (Sirius 126, XM 120) running through Sunday at 6 a.m. and featuring a haunting soundtrack (think creaking doors) along with spooky tales and music from hosts and listeners. Dozens of other channels will also feature Halloween material.