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Why is my Mars bar slice crunchy?

Make sure you use a fresh box of rice bubbles or rice krispies – this will ensure your slice is crispy and crunchy! The Mars Bars will not melt completely but will remain in small chunks – this is fine and gives the slice it’s classic chunky texture.

What are the ingredients in a Mars bar?


  • Sugar,
  • Glucose Syrup,
  • Skimmed Milk Powder,
  • Cocoa Butter,
  • Cocoa Mass,
  • Sunflower Oil,
  • Milk Fat,
  • Lactose and Protein from Whey (from Milk),

What’s the difference between Moro and Mars bars?

Moro is a chocolate bar that consists of a nougat biscuit and caramel filling with a chocolate covering. A competitor for Moro is the Mars bar which is made by Mars International. This is a close competitor because it is also a nougat bar covered in chocolate, however it doesn’t have a layer of caramel.

Can you melt a Mars bar in the microwave?

Melt in the microwave on full power for 30 seconds. Give it a good stir then heat again in 10 to 20 second intervals stirring well between each time until it’s all smooth & melted. It’s worth noting that you can also do this step in a saucepan over a low heat too, so don’t worry if you don’t own a microwave!

What can I use instead of Copha?

What can I substitute for copha? Copha will always give you the best chocolate crackle crunch, but you can substitute it for coconut oil, melted butter, or melted chocolate (remove the cocoa powder if you’re using chocolate).

How do you cut a Mars bar without cracking it?

Add a small amount coconut oil or vegetable oil to the melted chocolate before pouring over the slice. This helps to stop the chocolate from cracking when sliced. Allow the slice to set in the fridge (preferably overnight before cutting).

Does a Mars Bar have nuts in?

The American version of Mars Bar is made without the caramel and includes toasted almonds and nougat covered in milk chocolate. The original American Mars candy bar was soon replaced with Snickers Almonds, however, the American Mars Bar does have its fan base, thus seeming to keep it floating in the American market.

How many spoons of sugar are in a Mars Bar?

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Product Amount per 100g Sugar Content in Teaspoons
Mars Bar 68.1g 10.7 tsp (42.6g per bar)
Milk Chocolate 52.8g 2.2 tsp (8.8g per three squares)
Milky Way 2 Bar Pack 72.4g 7.93 tsp (31.7g)
Pepper Mints 56.8g 1.2 tsp (4.8g per sweet)

Do Mars bars have nuts Australia?

An aussie/ british mars bar does not have nuts in it… just nougat and carmel with milk chocolate.

What came first Mars Bar or Moro?

Yes, its reputation as a bootleg Mars Bar precedes it – as it is absolutely a bootleg Mars Bar – but the Moro deserves recognition in its own damn right.

How long does it take to melt Mars bar?

For the topping – always melt chocolate in the microwave on medium power for 45-second intervals.

Why does dairy milk not melt?

Luis Villazon from Science Focus says: ”Although Flake is made from milk chocolate, the manufacturing process gives it a different arrangement of fat and cocoa solids, so the melting fat isn’t able to lubricate the cocoa particles to the point where they can flow. ”In a bain marie, a Flake will never melt.

What’s the best no bake Mars Bar slice?

In my list of the top 5 most popular no-bake slice recipes, Mars Bar Slice is right up there – along with Lemon & Coconut Slice, Jelly Slice, Clinkers Slice and Peppermint Slice . With it’s sweet and crunchy chocolate caramel rice bubble base and milk chocolate topping, it doesn’t get any more delicious than this 10 minute recipe.

How long does it take to make Mars Bar slice?

Everyone’s favourite no-bake Mars Bar Slice recipe couldn’t be easier to make… with just 5 ingredients and 10 minutes prep time. This crunchy chocolate caramel rice bubble slice recipe is always the most popular sweet treat in lunchboxes, at morning teas or bake sales.

What kind of marshmallows go in Mars Bar slice?

I love adding mini marshmallows to my Mars Bar slice. Simply chop marshmallows into little pieces or use mini marshmallows and stir through at the same step as the rice bubbles (rice krispies). Make sure your marshmallows are small so that it’s easy to cut your slice into pieces.

Can you substitute Moro bars for Mars Bars?

No they’re not. Mars Bars have layers of caramel and nougat covered in milk chocolate. Milky Ways are similar but they don’t have the caramel layer. You can substitute Mars Bars for Milky Ways or Moro bars in Mars Bar slice if you prefer (although my favourite version is definitely with Mars Bars!)