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Why is my Japanese holly dying?

Damaged Japanese holly (Ilex crenata) roots infected with black root rot. Black Root Rot: Black root rot is caused by the fungus Thielaviopsis basicola. This fungus primarily affects the root system and reduces plant vigor. Plants with extensive root rot damage will usually decline and die during dry periods.

How do you prune an Ilex Schilling?

Be sure to set plants several feet back from a walk, driveway or lawn area, because plants grow wider than tall and often require pruning to control their lateral growth. If you need to prune in this manner, be sure to leave the bottom of the plant much wider than the top so that lower foliage is left on the plant.

Is my holly tree dying?

One way to tell whether a branch is alive is to gently scratch a small nick in the bark with your thumbnail. If you see a green layer beneath the outer bark, the branch still is alive. Although it may drop its damaged leaves, it will flush new ones in the spring.

Why has my holly lost its leaves?

Holly leaf blight is a disease that causes leaf fall and twig die-back in several holly species. Holly blight in hedges causes arches of defoliation.

Why is my Ilex losing its leaves?

A female plant will need a nearby male ilex (of any variety) in order to produce berries. All evergreens will drop some old leaves from time to time throughout the year. Transplanting might have had some effect, but it looks as if it has plenty of green leaves so I wouldn’t worry about that.

How far apart should you plant dwarf Yaupon holly?

One of the most commonly used foundation plants is dwarf Yaupon holly. This plant will eventually grow 8 feet high and 8 feet wide. Ideal spacing, then, would be 8 feet apart. Hedge plants are often planted so their canopies touch, particularly if they’re to be sheared into a formal look.

How do you plant Ilex Schilling?

PLANTING: Place plant in hole and adjust for aesthetics. Hold in place while adding more soil, until the hole is completely filled. Push soil down until firm.