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Why is Mars called Barsoom?

The word “Barsoom”, the native Martian word for Mars, is composed of the Martian name for planet, “soom”, and the Martian word for eight, “bar”. This reflects counting Mars as the eighth body in the inner solar system, by counting not just planets, but the Sun and the satellites of Earth and of Mars.

Was John Carter a real person?

John Carter of Mars is a fictional Virginian—a veteran of the American Civil War—transported to Mars and the initial protagonist of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Barsoom stories. His character is enduring, having appeared in various media since his 1912 debut in a magazine serial.

What are therns in John Carter?

The Therns are a race of shape shifting white beings from the world of Barsoom. They can use them for many purposes, the most amazing of which is being able to instantly project a physical copy of themselves to any location on Barsoom or to any other planet in the solar system such as Earth.

What are green Martians?

Martian Manhunter miniseries In this miniseries, several beings that appeared to be Green Martians were found alive on Earth. They were eventually revealed to be White Martians, under mind control and disguised as Greens; a Green Martian named “Cay’An” had brainwashed them to believe they were Green Martians.

Who were the therns?

The Therns are a race of shape shifting white beings from the world of Barsoom. They control the planet from the shadows. They are lead by a Holy Hekkador, the current one being Matai Shang.

How tall is a thark?

General description. In the books, Green Martians are around 15 feet tall, with tusks protruding from their mouths, green skin, and with double torso, each with its own set of arms.

How does the Sith Warrior work in Star Wars?

Driving at their enemies with strong, crushing blows, the Warrior quickly beats his foes into submission or death. Protected by heavy armor and his powers of intimidation, the Warrior wades into the thick of the fight and unleashes pure hatred and fury to eliminate all who would stand against him.

Who are the Sith in the tomb chamber?

Later, at the entrance to the tomb chamber, there are two Sith, wearing the same garb as the prestige-class Sith Lords, and carrying the name “Sith Warrior.” They attack the three characters with nothing but their fists.

What does bis do for Sith Warrior DPS?

Comments: BIS for all Sith Warrior DPS disciplines due to the consistent +10% overall damage increase and the incremental +25% damage buff for one ability each time the ability is used. Crafted by Synthweaving.

What kind of armor does a Sith Warrior wear?

Protected by their heavy armor, Sith Warriors charged into the fray and released their anger and hatred against all who stood against them. These Sith specialized in combat endurance and were known for wearing armor that provided them special protection in battle.