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Why Is 9mm Parabellum so popular?

The 9×19 mm Parabellum has become the most popular caliber for U.S. law enforcement agencies, primarily due to the availability of compact pistols with large magazine capacities that use the cartridge.

What is the max effective range of a 9mm?

“The effective range of the 9mm is about 100 m although the bullet does travel and is lethal at longer ranges.” If your talking about a 9mm rifles but we’re talking about a pistols. 100 m is a little far for the average GI to shoot with a pistol making 100 m the Maximum Effective Range.Saf. 6, 1431 AH

How fast does a 9mm travel mph?

38 caliber revolver will do so at just 130 miles per hour. Bullets from a 9mm handgun may max out at speeds as low as 102 miles per hour. And a . 30 caliber bullet, according to Mattoo’s equation, might do so at only 85 miles per hour.Jum. I 18, 1438 AH

How far does a Glock 19 shoot?

How far is a Glock 19 Accuracy? Maximum accuracy if you practice is about 50 yards. But for the most part for the average shooter 7 yards is used for self-defense practice.Sha. 25, 1442 AH

How far will a 9mm carbine shoot?

The combination of a 9mm round and sixteen-inch barrel yields a maximum effective range against man-size targets of about 100 yards, and in target shooting about 200 yards.Raj. 8, 1439 AH

What was the weight of a 9 mm Parabellum round?

The cartridge S.A. ball 9 m/m Mark Iz (9 m/m ball MK 1z) was the standard imperial 9 mm Parabellum round in World War II and was produced from December 1941 to 1944. It was meant for use in semiautomatic pistols like the Inglis Browning Hi-Power. Bullet weight was 7.5 grams (116 gr).

What’s the service pressure on a 9 mm Parabellum?

The service pressure P max of the 9 mm NATO is rated at 252 MPa (36,500 psi) where CIP rates the 9 mm Luger P max somewhat lower at 235 MPa (34,100 psi). The 315 MPa (45,700 psi) proofing test pressure used in the NATO 9 mm proof test, however, equals the proofing test pressure used in the 9 mm Luger CIP proof test.

Is it safe to carry a Girsan firearm?

• Obey the laws in your country referring to firearms purchasing, carrying and use. All firearms are dangerous. Zenith Firearms and GİRSAN are not responsible for any damage that results from the improper use of your firearm. 2. ESSENTIAL FIREARM SAFETY GUIDELINES

What kind of gun is Girsan semi automatic?

GİRSAN firearms are produced with the latest technology for use in military, law enforcement, and civilian markets for sport shooting and self-defense. This pistol is semi-automatic and produced in two different actions–single and double (MC 28 SA and MC 28 DA versions respectively).