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Why do I have white spots on my cervix?

Nabothian cysts form when the mucus-producing glands in your cervix are coated with skin cells and become clogged. The skin cells plug the glands, which causes mucus to accumulate. This causes a cyst to form on the cervix that looks like a small, white bump.

How does a cancerous cervix feel?

Pelvic pain is another symptom of cervical cancer. 5 The pain or pressure can be felt anywhere in the abdomen below the navel. Many women describe the pelvic pain as a dull ache that may include sharp pains as well. Pain may be intermittent or constant and is typically worse during or after intercourse.

What is uterine cancer bleeding like?

Abnormal vaginal bleeding is the most common symptom of uterine cancer. Bleeding may start as a watery, blood-streaked flow that gradually contains more blood. Women should not assume that abnormal vaginal bleeding is part of menopause.

What does Nabothian cyst feel like?

Small nabothian cysts do not usually cause any symptoms. However, larger nabothian cysts may cause: pelvic pain. a full or heavy feeling in the vagina.

Are there any symptoms of leukoplakia of the cervix?

Simple leukoplakia of the cervix does not have any characteristic symptoms: pathology is usually found on gynecological examination. However, some types of leukoplakia still have some signs, after discovering which, it is possible to suspect the development of the disease. A healthy cervix has an epithelial covering, like all skin integuments.

What happens if leukoplakia is not treated before IVF?

Before carrying out IVF, leukoplakia is preliminarily subjected to treatment without fail. If the disease is not treated, the consequences of leukoplakia of the cervix can be serious: first of all, the appearance of atypical cells, which is the beginning of malignancy of the process.

Where is focal leukoplakia of the cervix located?

Focal leukoplakia of the cervix is a pathology, in which appears a flat, located at the level of the mucous membrane, the lesion. Such a site can be found only during the colposcopy procedure.

Can a woman get leukoplakia with a menstrual cycle?

It is believed that the risk of getting leukoplakia in a woman with a menstrual cycle disorder or with an inflammatory pathology of the reproductive organs is several times higher than that of the rest. The impetus for the development of the disease can serve as infection of the genital area, viral lesions (including herpes), promiscuous sex life.