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Why did Marg Helgenberger leave CSI?

Marg left the show in season 12 when Willows decided to leave CSI for the FBI. In the first episode of the new series, Sara explains Catherine’s whereabouts to Brass: “Catherine has rolled out a red carpet, she would be here, you know that, if she could.” Brass replies, “Yeah, she’s got a little grandbaby in Dublin.”

What is Marg Helgenberger doing today?

When Marg Helgenberger left CSI, she became a series regular on Intelligence, which ran for 13 episodes. She was then a recurring character on Under the Dome. When CSI wrapped up in 2015, Helgenberger was seen in Almost Friends and A Dog’s Journey. She currently plays a main character on All Rise.

Who was the redhead on CSI?

Marg Helgenberger
Mary Margaret Helgenberger (born November 16, 1958) is an American actress….

Marg Helgenberger
Other names Mary Helgenberger
Occupation Actress
Years active 1977–present
Known for China Beach • CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Who is Marg Helgenberger husband?

Alan Rosenbergm. 1989–2010
Marg Helgenberger/Husband

Is William Petersen still acting?

Petersen is back at home and recovering. Petersen is also an executive producer on “CSI: Vegas,” as he was on the original “CSI.” Petersen won a Screen Actors Guild award for his work on “CSI,” which ran from 2000-2015, and was nominated for a Golden Globe and three Emmys as a producer.

Do Sara and Grissom end up together?

In Season 8, Sidle briefly changed from nights to swing shifts. In the Season 10 premiere, it is revealed she is married to Grissom. In Season 13, Episode 15, she reveals that Grissom had split up with her. However in series finale “Immortality”, she and Grissom are reunited.

Who plays the drunk professor on Shameless?

Alan Rosenberg
Shameless (TV Series 2011–2021) – Alan Rosenberg as Professor Youens – IMDb.

Are Gil and Sara still together?