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Why did Gamzee go sober?

how did gamzee become sober? Gamzee had been consuming sopor slime pies before the session and once the trolls got trapped on the meteor he no longer had access to the pies. He says here to Dave that he hasn’t had a pie in a while.

What made Gamzee snap?

Eridan was mad at the whole situation with Feferi and Sollux and Gamzee had his weird relationship with his friends and possibly a interference from Doc Scratch and Lil Cal. And both were very stressed out by sburb which made it easier for them to snap.

Is Gamzee a villain?

Gamzee Makara is one of the main characters and major antagonist in Andrew Hussie’s webcomic, Homestuck. He is a part of a juggalo-esque cult who worships a time-traveling demon, Lord English.

Does Nepeta have a crush on karkat?

Karkat Vantas Upon inspecting this, Nepeta says . In , a version of her is seen with a god tier Karkat, and it seems she has finally found happiness with (a version of) Karkat. This is an allusion to her with Jaspersprite, where she surmises that she’ll have to die in order to be happy with him.

Is Gamzee God tier?

Gamzee did not start a kismesissitude with Terezi in this timeline, largely due to Vriska’s intervention. However, he still got his fake god tier outfit. Other characters have stated that they plan on dropping off Gamzee on Earth in the future so that he can raise the cherubs.

Does Equius have a crush on Aradia?

His relationship with Aradia is hard to define, like much of troll romance, but his feelings tend to lean more towards the flushed quadrant. They were, however, together romantically.

Who rose dating homestuck?

Over the three-year meteor journey, in both the pre-retcon and post-retcon timelines, Kanaya and Rose start a romantic relationship. Later the two go on a date which culminates in them kissing, confirming their relationship.