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Why did Chris Brown cry at the 2010 BET Awards?

Check out photos of Chris Brown, Drake and more from the 2010 BET Awards. At last year’s BET Awards ceremony, Brown was left out of a similar Jackson tribute because it came just five months after he was arrested for assaulting his then-girlfriend Rihanna at a pre-Grammy party. “Chris Brown made me cry.

What year did Chris Brown do the Michael Jackson tribute?

Image Credit: Matt Sayles/AP ImagesAs far as I’m concerned, there’s only been one Michael Jackson tribute. Tonight (June 27) Chris Brown finally got his shot at paying homage to his fallen idol, Michael Jackson, at the BET Awards 2010.

Who did Michael Jackson tribute on BET?

Chris Brown-Tribute To Michael Jackson Live At Bet Awards shows.

Has Chris Brown ever met Michael Jackson?

He explains that he was 17 and in London to do a tribute performance of “Thriller” with MJ in attendance, when he first got the chance to meet him. He also says that it was his most memorable performance ever.

Why was Chris Brown crying?

Us Weekly says that, according to an unnamed “backstage source,” one of Brown’s bodyguards gave the 21-year-old singer some tear-inducing eye drops before he sang “Man in the Mirror” during his Jackson tribute at the BET Awards on Sunday. “He rubbed it in and he started crying,” the magazine quoted the source.

Why was Chris Brown crying on stage?

Chris Brown has broken down on stage during a tribute to his idol, the late Michael Jackson. The singer performed a medley of MJ’s biggest hits which saw him moonwalk in front of the audience at the 10th anniversary BET Awards. …

Is Chris Brown the King of Pop?

According to the message, “Chris Brown has sold 69.5 Million singles in the US, making him the 7th best selling singles artist of all time. He has now total 100M RIAA certified units!”

Is Michael Jackson better than Chris Brown?

Even so, Chris Brown is comparable to Michael Jackson in dancing, more or less. However, with singing, artistry, iconic status, and live performance, Brown does not do himself, much less Jackson, justice. Chris is a good singer, but Michael was an all-time great singer by the time he was 11.

Who has more hits Chris Brown or Michael Jackson?

Brown has had two number one hits in the US, and 15 top 10s. Jackson had 13 number ones and 30 top 10s in his career.

How many Number 1 Does Chris Brown have?

Since his debut on the Hot 100 in 2005, Brown has had 61 songs on the chart, including two No. 1s. He’s notched 13 top 10s.

Is Chris Brown more talented than Michael Jackson?