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Why are super mutants on the East Coast?

Supposedly, this has to do with age; therefore, the older the mutant, the larger they are. This phenomenon is exclusive to the East coast and has not been seen in the West. Due to the many unique strains of the FEV-II virus that various factions have experimented with over the years, this is easily explained.

How did super mutants get to the East Coast?

Although super mutants were a west coast creation, the FEV made its way to the east coast through distribution to other research locations, eventually creating three major super mutant groups. This has sometimes resulted in super mutants capturing humans and forcibly injecting them with FEV.

Where can I find super mutants?

That said, the following locations would be the best places to start your farming run for super mutants.

  • Huntersville.
  • West Tek Research Center.
  • Grafton.
  • New Gad.
  • Charleston.
  • The General’s Steakhouse.
  • National Isolated Radio Array.
  • Eastern Regional Penitentiary (courtyard)

Why are super mutants bad?

Mutants are bad enough, but super mutants? In Fallout 4, they’re one of the hardest things to deal with. These strong and highly resistant mutations of human beings are completely immune to the radiation and will torment the player throughout their journey in the world of Fallout 4 in various different forms.

Where are Supermotants 76?

Super mutants are creatures found in Appalachia.

What do super mutants do to people?

The physiology of a Super Mutant is very different compared to ordinary humans; the most immediately noticeable effects are their immense size and strength, their different skin color, and their immunity to radiation damage.

Can super mutants mate?

Super Mutants are asexual and incapable of procreation, so their only way of reproducing is to kidnap other humans, drag them back to the Vault 87 chambers, and infect them with F.E.V. And so they have done, for nearly 200 years.

Is Frank Horrigan human?

Horrigan is a mutant, but he had been a monster before his exposure to FEV in the military base, as he had many psychological problems. Most soldiers considered Horrigan a walking nuke, something the tech boys built, and they were not generally aware of his mutant status.

Can you join the enclave in Fallout?

To join the Enclave, you first have to find the Enclave. The Enclave bunker is actually inside the Whitespring grounds, marked as Whitespring Bunker on the map. You can’t get in until you go far, far away though. Head to the southern part of The Mire region of Appalachia.

Are there Super Mutants on the east coast?

There are three types of super mutants found in the East Coast. All East Coast strains differ from the Mariposa strain in that the mutants they produce tend to be less intelligent, but continue to gain muscle and body mass as they age, eventually becoming Behemoths .

What is the definition of a super mutant?

Super mutant is a general term referring to humanoid mutants created by exposing a regular human to a variety of the Forced Evolutionary Virus (FEV). The resulting hulking mutants typically possess exceptional strength, endurance, resistance or immunity to disease and radiation, as well as modified intelligence.

Where do you find Super Mutants in Fallout?

Originally introduced in Fallout as an unique mutant menace led by the Master, super mutants have appeared in every game since, in several varieties and playing a variety of roles. Fallout features super mutants derived from FEV-II at Mariposa Military Base, who appear as friends, foes, and companions.

Who was the super mutant in Fallout New Vegas?

A Mariposa super mutant in Fallout: New Vegas. In 2162, a person known to history only as the Vault Dweller destroyed the Master’s mutant army by causing an explosion in the FEV vats at Mariposa, which collapsed the entire base, after which he proceeded to The Cathedral in the ruins of Los Angeles and killed the Master.