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Why are some Zoas not opening?

Nitrates and phosphates, Alk and lights all must be in balance or corals are not happy. Low nitrates you want to have low alk and back your lights off. There’s nothing for the coral to eat so blasting it with light will just burn them up. High Alk with low nitrates can chemically burn them also.

How much flow do Zoanthids need?

Zoanthid Placement Hacks for Optimum Water Flow and Light Exposure. Ideally, your Zoanthids should live in a low to medium-high flow area. If placed in too high of a flow area, polyps will have a difficult time opening, which stunts its growth/development. How do you know if they’re happy?

Do Zoanthids need dosing?

You don’t need to dose.

How do you tell if ZOAS are dying?

Usually a zoa will shrivel and disapear pretty fast if its dead. Visit SIR PATRICK’s homepage! rotting flesh, brown black color.

Can ZOAS get too much light?

The problem comes when the adaptation for the new environment (including light) is too fast/different from where it came from (reef or tank). Some species would need more than a month to be able to handle new light directly. Bleaching could be a sign that you didn’t help the zoa to adapt to the new light.

How do I know if my zoas are dead?

move them around the tank a few times and give them a few days in between moves and see if they will open up. No if they start melting away then you will know if they are dead.

What does a dead Zoanthid look like?

What do you need to know about zoanthid care?

Zoanthid Care 1 Ideal Settings. Most zoas are often found in high-nitrate canals, harbors, inter-tidal areas, and tropical reefs in nature, so they are fairly tolerant of poor water quality or high levels 2 Promoting Zoanthid Growth. Zoanthids thrive in low to medium-high flow areas. 3 Zoa Companions.

Why are zoanthid corals popular in aquariums?

Zoanthid corals, affectionately called zoas by aquarium hobbyists in online forums (I guess because “zoanthid corals” is too long to type), are a trendy type of coral kept in reef tanks. Why? Because they are relatively easy to grow, maintain, frag, AND they are available in amazing, brilliant, fluorescent colors.

Do you cut off mother colony of zoanthids?

When cutting the sample from your mother colony, you will need to take it out of the tank. To start growing another zoa garden in another tank, you can peel some of the mother colony off with a scalpel. Keep in mind that this can be a difficult and messy process and that it’s often easier to wait for your zoas to overgrow first.

What kind of fish can you keep with zoanthids?

Zoanthids can be kept with other types of fish as well, but there are some fish species that will dine on your precious corals. Species like the raccoon butterflyfish, chaetodon lunula, many filefish (monacanthidae), and sharp-nosed puffers (tetraodontidae) are just a few examples. How to Make a Zoa Garden