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Who was the founder of Timaru?

Early European history Timaru’s first building was a cottage on the beach, and the first permanent inhabitant was Sam Williams, the whaler who introduced George Rhodes to South Canterbury. In 1853 the Rhodeses bought land behind Caroline Bay and laid out a town.

Is Timaru Maori name?

The Maori name for the area is believed to have been “Te Maru” meaning “place of shelter”, because it was a favourite haven for travellers journeying between Moeraki and Banks Peninsula. Others state that the literal meaning of its present form is correct–“the shady cabbage tree”.

How old is Timaru?

Discover Timaru Founded in the late 1870’s Timaru is renowned for its Edwardian history and architecture, sport and leisure and is the base for major tournaments and events.

What is the meaning of Timaru?

place of shelter
Made a borough in 1868 and a city late in the 1940s, Timaru derives its name from Maori terms meaning either “shady cabbage tree” or “place of shelter.”

What’s Timaru famous for?

South Canterbury’s largest centre of population, and only city. The town developed at the only sheltered point on the coast between Banks Peninsula and North Otago, and owes much of its prosperity to its artificial harbour, first developed in the late 1800s.

What is the Maori name for Ashburton?

Ashburton. Ashburton (Māori: Hakatere) is a large town in the Canterbury Region, on the east coast of the South Island of New Zealand, which is also known as “Mid-Canterbury”.

Is Timaru rural?

The town is the seat of the Timaru District, which includes the surrounding rural area and the towns of Geraldine, Pleasant Point and Temuka, which combined have a total population of 48,400.

What is Timaru good for?

  • Caroline Bay Beach. 396. Beaches.
  • Famlan Farm Park. Farms.
  • Te Ana Māori Rock Art. Art Galleries. By good4trav.
  • South Canterbury Museum. Speciality Museums. By SallyJ200.
  • Centennial Park. Parks.
  • Timaru Botanic Gardens. Gardens. By nicodemus77.
  • Kiwi Observatory. Observatories & Planetariums.
  • Blueberry Haven. Farms. By teresaandmark2.

How is life in Timaru?

Timaru District has an easy going, laid-back lifestyle, where the commute to work takes 5- 10 minutes; the median house price is currently $401,000, and among the population of 46,000, there are more than 70 cultural and ethnic groups.

Is Ashburton bigger than Timaru?

The town is the 29th-largest urban area in New Zealand and the fourth-largest urban area in the Canterbury Region, after Christchurch, Timaru and Rolleston….Ashburton, New Zealand.

Ashburton Hakatere (Māori)
• MPs Jo Luxton (Labour) Rino Tirikatene (Labour)
• Territorial 37.93 km2 (14.64 sq mi)
Population (June 2021)

Who settled in Ashburton NZ First?

Mr. Thomas Moorhouse
page 813 premises, are handsome and imposing, and the wide and well-formed streets, on market day especially, present a very busy aspect. The first settlers of the Ashburton district went there in the early fifties as squatters and flockowners. Mr. Thomas Moorhouse took up a large run near the present town, and Mr.

What is the population of Timaru?

Demographics. The Timaru urban area, as defined by Statistics New Zealand, covers 33.98 km2 (13.12 sq mi) and incorporates sixteen statistical areas. It has an estimated population of 28,600 as of June 2021.