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Who trained Alexis Arguello?

Featherweight. Argüello debuted on October 26, 1968, trained by former boxer Miguel Angel Rivas. After winning his first 3 fights “The Explosive Thin Man” suffered an unavenged first-round KO loss, followed by another split decision loss.

Is Alexis Arguello still living?

Deceased (1952–2009)
Alexis Argüello/Living or Deceased

What country is Alexis Arguello from?

Alexis Argüello/Nationality

How much did Alexis Arguello weigh?

64 kg
Alexis Argüello/Weight

What happened to boxer Alexis Arguello?

Officials in Nicaragua have ruled the death of Hall of Fame great Alexis Argüello a suicide following an autopsy on Friday. The triple crown champion, who was 57, was found dead in his home just outside of Managua early Wednesday morning.

What was Alexis Arguello record?

82-8 and 65 knockouts
The 57-year-old Arguello retired in 1995 with a record of 82-8 and 65 knockouts and was a champion in three weight divisions. He was perhaps best known for two thrilling battles with Aaron Pryor and fights with Ray Mancini, Bobby Chacon and Ruben Olivares.

What does Arguello mean in English?

Spanish (Argüello): habitational name from any of various minor places called Arguello, from Old Spanish arboleo ‘well-wooded’.

Is Aaron Pryor still alive?

Deceased (1955–2016)
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How tall is Alexis Arguello?

1.78 m
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What happened to Aaron Pryor?

Aaron Pryor, whose erratic swings and stances won him the world junior welterweight boxing championship but also mirrored a career-ending struggle with cocaine addiction, died on Sunday at his home in Cincinnati. He was 60. The cause was complications of heart disease, his wife, Frankie Pryor, said in a statement.

Is Arguello a Mexican last name?

Arguello (Spanish pronunciation: [aɾˈɣeʎo]) is a Spanish surname.

Is Arguello Spanish?