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Who plays Gibson SJ 200?

Although the main J-200 Elvis Presley played in the ’50s (shots for Jailhouse Rock, throughout King Creole and G.I. Joe, numerous live and television shows) was actually acquired for him by fellow Gibson legend, Scotty Moore. Why?

Who plays jumbo?

With origins dating back to the original SJ-200 of the late 1930s, Gibson remains the primary driver of the jumbo acoustic guitar body shape with players like Pete Townshend and Bob Dylan embracing jumbo Gibson acoustics at different phases of their careers.

Where are Gibson SJ 200 made?

Kalamazoo, Michigan
It was made at the Gibson Factory in Kalamazoo, Michigan. The SJ-200 was named for its super-large 16 7/8″ flat top body, with a double-braced red spruce top, rosewood back and sides, and sunburst finish.

What does Dreadnought mean on a guitar?

The dreadnought is a type of acoustic guitar body developed by American guitar manufacturer C.F. A body much larger than most other guitars provided the dreadnought with a bolder, perhaps richer, and often louder tone. It is distinguished by its size and square shoulders and bottom.

What is a Dreadnought guitar best for?

The Dreadnought quickly gained popularity among acoustic guitar players and is one of the most sought-after acoustic guitar variants on the market. It is commonly used for playing rock, country, blues, and bluegrass.