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Who played the old man in Poltergeist 2?

Julian Beck
Primarily a stage actor, Julian Beck had only appeared in a handful of films when he landed the role of Reverend Kane in Poltergeist 2: The Other Side. Beck’s gaunt appearance and sunken eyes added immensely to his portrayal of Kane, giving the Reverend the visage of a living skeleton.

Why does Kane want Carol Anne?

The reason Kane targeted and abducted Carol Anne in Poltergeist is that the intense life force she emitted could be used to lure other souls into his possession and away from the brilliant Light that allowed them to crossover to their eternal reward.

Why is Dana not in Poltergeist 2?

Dana was the only member of the Freeling family not to return for Poltergeist II due to the unfortunate death of Dominique Dunne, who was strangled by her former boyfriend six months after the first film was released.

Who played Rev Henry Kane?

Julian BeckPoltergeist II: The Other Side
Kane/Played by

How old was Dominique Dunne in poltergeist?

22 years (1959–1982)
Dominique Dunne/Age at death
Dominique Dunne, a 22-year-old actress who made her movie debut in ”Poltergiest,” died today without regaining consciousness after being choked by an assailant five days ago.

Was Drew Barrymore in Poltergeist?

When Barrymore first met Spielberg, she was auditioning for another movie he was producing. Barrymore initially set out to play Carol Anne, the youngest member of the Freeling family in Poltergeist. The late Heather O’Rourke ultimately won the role and reprised it in two sequels.

Do they mention Dana in Poltergeist 2?

The absence of Dana Freeling in Poltergeist II is not explained in the narrative: She hasn’t turned into a werewolf; ghosts haven’t spirited her away. The character’s absence, in fact, isn’t even mentioned, because the explanation lies outside the movie. Saavik, the character Alley had created.

Who is the main villain in the poltergeist?

Reverend Henry Kane, also known as “The Beast”, is the main antagonist of the Poltergeist film series.

Who is the Beast in the poltergeist movie?

Reverend Henry Kane, also known as “The Beast”, is the main antagonist of the Poltergeist film series. In life, this angry ghost he was a leader and priest of a Satanic, 19th century Utopian cult who held an apocalyptic view on the world, sealing himself and his followers inside a cave system in…

Who is the medicine man in Poltergeist 2?

It is implied in Poltergeist II: The Other Side that Kane became enemies with an immortal Red Indian shaman called the “Medicine Man” who is also known as Taylor.

When did Poltergeist The other side come out?

Poltergeist II: The Other Side is a 1986 American supernatural horror film and the second entry in the Poltergeist film series. A sequel to Poltergeist, it features the return of the original family, who are once again confronted by a spirit trying to harm their daughter, Carol Anne.