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Who owns Founders beer?

Mahou San Miguel
Founders Brewing Co/Parent organizations

Who started Founders Brewery?

Dave Engbers
Mike Stevens
Founders Brewing Co/Founders
Co-Founders Mike Stevens and Dave Engbers open the doors to the 9800 square foot brewery in downtown Grand Rapids, MI. The first batches of beer are brewed. 1,396 total breweries in the country.

What beer does Founders produce?

-based Avery Brewing Co., allowing Founders to brew its signature All Day IPA out of state for distribution. Founders has taprooms in Grand Rapids and Detroit.

Where did Founders beer start?

Grand Rapids, MI
Founders Brewing Co. was started in 1996 when Grand Rapids, MI natives Mike Stevens and Dave Engbers, who quit their jobs and took out sizable loans to make their dreams come true.

What does KBS stand for beer?

Kentucky Breakfast Stout
Kentucky Breakfast Stout (KBS) Founders Brewing Co. Stout – Imperial / Double Coffee. 12% ABV.

Was Founders Brewery sold?

GRAND RAPIDS, MI — Documents filed with the Michigan Liquor Control Commission show Spanish brewing conglomerate Mahou San Miguel’s deal to purchase a majority stake in Founders Brewing Co. is valued at $198.8 million.

Who distributes Founders Brewery?

(GRAND RAPIDS, MI) – Founders Brewing Co. announced today that it is expanding its distribution territory to include Southern California with the help of both the Reyes Beverage Group-West and Pacific Beverage Company.

When did Founders beer start?

Founders Brewing Co/Founded

What is a breakfast stout?

The coffee lover’s consummate beer. Brewed with an abundance of flaked oats, bitter and imported chocolates, and two types of coffee, this stout has an intense fresh-roasted java nose topped with a frothy, cinnamon-colored head that goes forever.

How much did Founders Brewery sell for?

Press Clips: Founders Brewing Sale Valued at $198 Million, According to Report; Colorado Brewers Guild Names New Executive Director.

Who owns Mahou?

Mahou-San Miguel Group
Mahou (beer)

A Mahou 5 Estrellas beer served in a bar.
Formerly Hijos de Casimiro Mahou, fábrica de hielo y cerveza
Founded 1890
Headquarters Madrid , Spain
Owner Mahou-San Miguel Group

What kind of beer does Founders Brewing Company make?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Canal Street Brewing Co., L.L.C., doing business as Founders Brewing Company, is a brewery in Grand Rapids, Michigan, known for producing several highly rated and award-winning craft-style ales, including KBS (Kentucky Breakfast Stout), Centennial IPA, Dirty Bastard, and Founders Porter.

How big is the Founders Brewery in Detroit?

The 14,000-square-foot Detroit taproom opened in 2017. It primarily serves beers made in Grand Rapids, but also has a four-barrel brewing facility that can produce about eight kegs a week, allowing it to serve other beers as well.

Who are the founders of Canal Street Brewing Company?

Canal Street Brewing Company was organized in 1996 as John Pannell Brewing Company by Mike Stevens and Dave Engbers, who began operation and changed the company’s name to Canal Street Brewing Co. in 1997. Stevens and Engbers were homebrewing enthusiasts who had recently graduated from college.

When did Founders Brewery win the World Beer Cup?

In April 2010, Founders won four medals at the World Beer Cup in Chicago, Illinois, and the brewery went on to win two more medals at Denver’s Great American Beer Festival in September of that year. The brewery also won an award at the 2012 World Beer Cup in San Diego, California.