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Who manufactures Iconik?

Iconik is a Sydney Australia based eyewear brand designed to make a statement about the wearer’s personality. Bold and colorful, the eyewear collection is inspired by each person’s individual style, while evoking a timeless design and quality product.

Is it safe to buy anti radiation glasses online?

Buying on the internet is not recommended since no optometrist or ophthalmologist is present to fully diagnose and recommend the best lens [for them],” she adds. But wearing authentic anti-radiation glasses is only one of the many steps in caring for the eyes against prolonged exposure to computer screens, she says.

Are rimless glasses in style 2019?

Rimless glasses are stylish and trendy eyewear that continues to soar in global popularity. In fact, these spectacles are fashionable and lightweight for men and women. They feature a minimal look with low profile frames like titanium. It’s almost as if you are not even wearing glasses on your face.

How can you tell if glasses are anti-radiation?

How do I know if I have it? Checking whether your glasses have an anti-reflective coating on them or not is relatively simple. When you hold your glasses, tilt them this way and that and look for glare. What you will see if you have an anti-reflective coating is a bit of glare, but mostly a greenish and pinkish color.

Does cheap anti-radiation glasses work?

Key Takeaways. We still don’t have scientific evidence to prove that using anti-radiation glasses is an effective way to protect our eyes. Experts recommend that we stick to natural practices that reduce eyestrain.

How much do glasses cost on

Get relief from digital eye strain and filter out high-energy blue and UV light with non-prescription blue light glasses for the whole family. Shop styles for men, women, and kids from $69 on Plus, VSP® members save 20% – connect your benefits on to see your savings.

Do you need vision insurance to use eyeconic?

Use your vision insurance on Eyeconic to get exclusive savings and perks. It’s certainly not required, but here’s what you’ll get: 20% off any additional eyewear purchases if you’ve already used your benefits. WELCOME, METLIFE MEMBER! Thanks for shopping on Eyeconic!

What does a member ID at eyeconic mean?

A Member ID is a unique number provided to the primary holder by his or her employer or health plan. If you believe your employer or health plan provided you with a unique Member ID, contact us directly at 1-855-EYECONIC (855-393-2664). Need Help? Call us at 1.855.EYECONIC. | Legal Terms of Use