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Who lives in Jupiter Artland?

Jupiter Artland is the inspired creation of Robert and Nicky Wilson, who live here with their four children, in a grand old hunting lodge on this handsome windswept estate.

Is Jupiter Artland worth visiting?

Jupiter Artland is a good fun day out for both adults and children. Lots to see and do, and a lovely walk around the installations. But on a recent visit the cafe really let it down. Apart from the cafe, the rest is good!

Is Jupiter Artland in Edinburgh or West Lothian?

Jupiter Artland is an award-winning contemporary sculpture garden located just outside Edinburgh.

Can you walk around Jupiter Artland?

Jupiter Artland is a 100-acre site and it takes approximately 2 hours to walk around the entire collection. Our site is a natural woodland area, which can be uneven under foot. There are paths leading around the entire site, which are suitable for most outdoor wheelchair users.

Can you swim at Jupiter Artland?

Tickets to the Artland must be bought in addition to a pool session. Bathers must be able to swim. Children aged 3 and under are not permitted to bathe in the swimming pool. Children aged 4-16 are welcome to bathe, but must be accompanied by an adult at all times (One adult must be in the pool at all times).

Who owns the house at Jupiter Artland?

Nicky Wilson
Spread out upon 100 acres (40 hectares), in the middle of it stands the Jacobean architecture of Bonnington House, home to the collection’s owners – the sculptress Nicky Wilson and her husband, Robert Wilson, owner of a chain of homeopathic pharmacies; it is also the headquarters of the Jupiter Foundation.

What is near Jupiter Artland?

Things to do near Jupiter Artland

  • Military Museum Scotland. Legion Hall, Wilkieston, Kirknewton EH27 8DU.
  • Almondell and Calderwood Country Park. Almond Lodge, Broxburn EH52 5PE.
  • Edinburgh International Climbing Arena. South Platt Hill, Newbridge EH28 8AA.
  • Five Sisters Zoo.
  • Livingston Designer Outlet.

Can you swim in Jupiter Artland?

Can you picnic at Jupiter Artland?

Gaby Soutar takes a visit to Mik’s newest Edinburgh set-up at Jupiter Artland. Please don’t: Bring a picnic or BBQ (For animal welfare there is a very strict policy of no picnics. This is one of the few rules at the spectacular art park that is Jupiter Artland, which is open until 27 September.

When did Jupiter Artland open?

Founded in 2009 by philanthropist art collectors Robert and Nicky Wilson, Jupiter Artland has grown into one of Scotland’s most significant arts organisations, with an international reputation for innovation and creativity – in 2016 this was recognised by a nomination for ArtFund’s Museum of the Year.

Are there any lidos in Scotland?

While more common in seaside towns in the past, there are still a handful of lidos that you can enjoy across Scotland. Located 45 minutes from Glasgow down the west coast, the Gourock pool is understandably one of the most popular in Scotland.

Does Edinburgh have a lido?

Yes, you read right, Edinburgh is getting a brand new outdoor swimming pool and just wait until you find out where it is. When it comes to an Instagrammable location for Scotland’s newest lido we probably couldn’t pick anywhere better in the capital – in the grounds of Jupiter Artland.

How to get to Bonnington House from Jupiter Artland?

Please note that in a change to the published listing, Bonnington House garden Open Day ticket now does not include entry to Jupiter Artland (this can be booked separately). Directions: Follow the postcode EH27 8BY and access via the main entrance to Jupiter Artland on the B7015, just off the A71. There is no access via Bonnington village.

Where is the Jupiter Sculpture Garden in Edinburgh?

Jupiter Artland is a contemporary sculpture garden in the grounds of Bonnington House, outside Edinburgh. Works by many leading artists have been commissioned and then constructed in situ.

Who is the designer of Bonnington House Jupiter?

A swimming pool designed by Joana Vasconcelos and the surrounding garden designed by Nicky Wilson and Thomas Underdorfer were opened in 2019 and featured in many publications, both national and international. Bonnington House is surrounded by Jupiter Artland, an award-winning contemporary sculpture park founded in 2009 by Robert and Nicky Wilson.

Where does Jupiter Rising take place in Edinburgh?

Described as a ‘powerful overview of cutting-edge music and performance’, Jupiter Rising takes place within an iconic landscape of Jupiter Artland, the home of world-class sculpture just outside Edinburgh. SUPER EARLYBIRD TICKETS NOW SOLD OUT! EARLY BIRD TICKETS AVAILABLE BELOW!