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Who is the vocalist of Moonstar88?

Maychelle Baay
Bon SundiangTeng Marcelo

Who sang the original torete?

From 1999 to 2004, Acel was the front-woman for the popular band Moonstar88. During her five years with theband she released two studio albums (Popcorn in 2001 and Press to Play in 2002) producing highly acclaimed songs Torete, Sulat, Sa Langit, and Fall On Me.

Why did Acel leave Moonstar88?

Acel’s self-imposed hiatus from music provided her ample time to pursue her personal advocacies which included Right Start, the non-government organization (NGO) that provides a creative caring space for disadvantaged children ages 4 to 14.

Who wrote the song torete?


Who is the vocalist of Up Dharma Down?

Armi Millare

Armi Olbes Millare (born January 2, 1984) is a Filipino singer best known as the lead vocalist/keyboardist of the award-winning Filipino alternative rock band Up Dharma Down.

Is Kitchie Nadal a band?

MOJOFLY1999 – 2003
Kitchie Nadal/Music groups

When did torete release?


What does torete meaning Tagalog?

Torete is actually a Spanish word that refers to a young bull. However, in modern Filipino culture, it means being “head over heels” for someone. Torete could also mean being crazy in love with someone and chasing that person, much like how a torete (bull) would chase after you.

Why is it called Up Dharma Down?

Up Dharma Down is a band from the Philippines. They have been together since 2004. The band got the name from the word Dharma.

How Old Is Up Dharma Down?

UDD, shortened for Up Dharma Down, is a Filipino band formed in Manila in 2004.

How old is Barbie Almalbis?

44 years (August 26, 1977)
Barbie Almalbis/Age

How old is Kitchie Nadal now?

41 years (September 16, 1980)
Kitchie Nadal/Age