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Who is the topper of UPSC CSE in 2015?

Tina Dabi
UPSC 2015: List of Toppers

Rank Name Optional Subject
1 Tina Dabi Political Science
2 Athar Aamir Ul Shafi Khan Philosophy
3 Jasmeet Singh Sandhu Punjabi Literature
4 Artika Shukla Medical Science

Which is the best civil service in India?

The Indian Administrative Service is the most popular civil service among all the aspiring candidates.

Who was the civil services of India 2014 topper?

Sarthak Agrawal, who topped CBSE class 12 exams in 2014, is now a UPSC 17th rank holder. He has shared his effortless way to crack UPSC. Sarthak Agrawal from Delhi, who was a CBSE topper in 2014, is now a UPSC 17th rank holder.

What was the rank of Tina Dabi?

15th rank
New Delhi: Keeping up with her elder sister Ria Dabi, sibling of UPSC Civil Services topper Tina Dabi, secured 15th rank in UPSC CSE Results 2020 which was declared on Friday (September 24, 2021). Tina had secured rank 1 in 2016. Taking to Instagram, Tina shared the news and congratulated her sister.

Which is better IAS or IFS?

Is IFS better than IAS? Ans. Though a majority of UPSC candidates choose IAS over IFS, the choices are partly due to the limited number of vacancies in the IFS. The service profile of IAS and IFS are different for the majority of their career, and both are equally important for the functioning of the government.

Is IAS or IRS better?

The IAS provides faster promotions compared to the IRS. For instance, an IAS officer can become a Commissioner in about 16 years whereas an IRS officer can take about 20-22 years. IAS officers have more role in policy formations at both the Central and State levels.

Who is the first IAS topper in India?

IAS First Attempt Toppers (from 1999 to 2018)

Name Rank Year
Tina Dabi 1 2015
Artika Shukla 4 2015
Renu Raj 2 2014
Saketa Raja Musinipally 14 2014

Which is the most prestigious civil service in India?

Candidates can know about the last rank that is needed to get the post of IAS, IPS, IFS in UPSC in the linked article. The UPSC CSE exam is held annually to recruit for Group A and Group B posts in the Indian government. Out of the 22 services, the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) is perhaps the most prestigious service.

When did the Indian Civil Service start and end?

Indian Civil Service (British India) The Indian Civil Service (ICS), for part of the 19th century officially known as the Imperial Civil Service,it is the elite higher civil service of the British Empire in British India during British rule in the period between 1858 and 1947. Its members ruled more than 300 million people in the British Raj.

How much did Indian Civil Service officers get paid?

All ICS officers retired on the same pension £1,000. In the first decades of the twentieth century, the imbalance in salaries and emoluments was so great that 8,000 British officers earned £13,930,554, while 130,000 Indians in government service were collectively paid a total of £3,284,163.

How are civil service appointments done in India?

All appointments in the rank of Joint Secretary to Government of India and above, other major appointments, empanelment, and extension of tenure are done by the Appointments Committee of the Cabinet. Lower appointments are handled by the Civil Services Board. Civil servants are the actual makers of Indian law and policy.