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Who is the girl in the Blurred Lines video?

actress Emily Ratajkowski
Model and actress Emily Ratajkowski says she was sexually assaulted by singer Robin Thicke on the set of the 2013 music video for “Blurred Lines.”

Is Emily Ratajkowski in Blurred Lines music video?

Ratajkowski was one of three semi-naked models who appeared in the music video for the controversial song, which starred Thicke, Pharrell Williams and T.I. According to the outlet, Ratajkowski writes that she was initially comfortable on the all-female set, which was led by director Diane Martel.

Is Justin Timberlake in Blurred Lines?

To be Justin Timberlake for people who miss the old Timberlake. And he’s playing the part well: “Blurred Lines” is far more infectious than anything on Timberlake’s recent The 20/20 Experience, and the eponymous 10-song, 38-minute album is a breezier and more compact listen.

How old is Emily Ratajkowski?

30 years (June 7, 1991)
Emily Ratajkowski/Age
American supermodel Emily Ratajkowski has alleged she was sexually assaulted on the set of the music video for the hit song Blurred Lines. In her upcoming book, the 30-year-old accuses singer Robin Thicke of groping her without consent during filming of the 2013 video.

Did Emily Ratajkowski have a boy or girl?

On October 26, 2020, Ratajkowski confirmed her pregnancy in a Vogue essay in which she wrote about how she and her husband did not wish to discuss their child’s gender. She gave birth to a son named Sylvester on March 8, 2021.

What is Robin Thicke’s most famous song?

The Top 10 Best Robin Thicke Songs

  • When I Get You Alone (from the “A Beautiful World” album)
  • Got 2 Be Down (featuring Faith Evans) (from “The Evolution of Robin Thicke” album)
  • Lost Without U (from “The Evolution of Robin Thicke” album)
  • Magic (from the “Something Else” album)
  • 2 Luv Birds (from the “Sex Therapy” album)

Is Robin Thicke a one hit wonder?

As a singer, Thicke is best known for his 2013 single titled “Blurred Lines,” which propelled him onto the international limelight. For some time, Robin Thicke was considered a one-hit wonder, probably because he has spent much of his music career as a songwriter and record producer.

What nationality is em rata?

Emily Ratajkowski/Nationality

Does Emrata have kids?

Sylvester Apollo Bear
Emily Ratajkowski/Children

The star named her son Sylvester Apollo Bear New mum Emily Ratajkowski delighted fans when she confirmed her baby’s gender as she shared a beautiful picture of her breastfeeding her newborn. “Beautiful boy,” she captioned the intimate shot of her and Sylvester Apollo Bear on Instagram.