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Who is the cutest couple in Winx Club?

The Winx world is fully of cute couples, and Sky and Bloom are no exception!

  • The Winx world is fully of cute couples, and Sky and Bloom are no exception!
  • Musa and Riven are the most musical couple out there, ’cause their love makes everything sound beautiful.

Who is the bad girl in Winx?

The Trix
The Trix are a group of evil witches that give magic a bad name. It’s the job of the Winx Club to stop this trio of villainous sisters from destroying the Magic Dimension with their wicked ways. Icy is the chilly leader of the Trix, who will stop at nothing to destroy Bloom and rule the universe.

Is Ms Griffin evil in Winx?

Although she started off as somewhat of an antagonist, indirectly encouraging the Trix in their power-struggle against the Winx, Griffin was eventually revealed to be a woman of sound moral principles, and aided the Winx numerous times in their fight against the forces of evil.

What is Faragonda the fairy of?

Faragonda is the headmistress of Alfea College for Fairies, in the dimension of Magix, somewhere in the magical universe.

Is Tecna a princess?

Tecna is the second youngest of the Winx, after Roxy. The Winx Club Comic Series also states that Tecna is a princess. However, Tecna is changed back to not being of royal status by Issue 90, as Cryos is now the king again, like he is in the animated series.

Are the Trix triplets?

According to Iginio Straffi, the Trix are triplets and were born on May 5. Their chibi designs appear in the Nickelodeon Winx Club game “Bloomix Battle” along with all the Winx.

Who is GREY in Winx Club?

Additionally, Season 2 will welcome Éanna Hardwicke (Normal People) as a character named Sebastian and newcomer Brandon Grace as Grey.

Who is the headmistress of Cloud Tower?

Overview. At Cloud Tower, witches learn about witchcraft. It is the magical competitor and rival of Alfea. Its headmistress is Griffin.

Is Farah a Faragonda?

“I believe we’re not done with Farah yet,” they added. In the comments section, this viewer refers to Faragonda, the Headmistress of Alfea in the Winx Club cartoon. Like with many other characters in the Netflix show, Farah isn’t entirely the same as her predecessor but only loosely based on her.

Is Farah Bloom’s mum Winx?

The show suggests that the Blood Witches stole Bloom and Beatrix from their fairy families and that Rosalind found them after destroying the village. Fans have found their own explanation to Bloom’s power and her origins: she is actually Farah’s daughter.