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Who is the best gospel rapper?

Top on the list of Christian rappers today is Lecrae. The artist’s full name is Lecrae Devaughn Moore. He was born in Houston, Texas, on October 9, 1979, and has since become one of the most influential gospel artists of all time.

What rappers are Catholic?

Catholic Rap Artists

  • Pope Gregory. 8 listeners. Pope Saint Gregory I (Latin: Gregorius I; c.
  • Pontifex. 877 listeners. There are two artists known as Pontifex.
  • Frenchman. 4,511 listeners.
  • MC Dewey. 91 listeners.
  • Akalyte. 50 listeners.
  • Elijah and Elisha. 81 listeners.

What rappers are atheist?

Earl Sweatshirt talks about his atheism in his lyrics. Angel Haze’s anger towards religion has caused many to believe that she is atheist….Rappers You Didn’t Know Are Atheist

  • Earl Sweatshirt. Photo: Incase / Flickr.
  • Angel Haze.
  • Donald Glover.
  • Greydon Square.
  • Emcee Lynx.
  • Baba Brinkman.

What religion is Kanye West?

His Christian faith, as well as his marriage to television personality Kim Kardashian, have also been sources of media attention.

Which celebrity is atheist?

No Faith, No Problem! The 21 Most Famous Celebrity Atheists

  1. George Clooney. Source: Getty.
  2. Brad Pitt. Source: Getty.
  3. Angelina Jolie. Source: Getty.
  4. Johnny Depp. Source: Getty.
  5. Daniel Radcliffe. Source: Getty.
  6. Kailyn Lowry. Source: Getty.
  7. Jenelle Evans. Source: Getty.
  8. Hugh Hefner. Source: Getty.

What are the best Christian rappers?

Top 10 – Best Christian Rappers – All Time 10. KJ-52 9. Canon 8. Tedashii 7. Derek Minor 6. KB 5. Thi’sl 4. Trip Lee 3. Bizzle 2. Andy Mineo 1. LeCrae

What rappers are Christians?

Artists and style. Although generally described to be Christian rappers, artists such as Lecrae, Andy Mineo, KB, Trip Lee, Tedashii, Social Club Misfits, NF, John Givez, Derek Minor and Propaganda describe themselves hip hop artists who are expressing themselves, and are openly Christian.

Who is the most popular Christian rapper?

Lecrae is easily the best Christian rapper out there. He places actual scripture alone with great production and the flow is off the chain.

What are some good Christian rap songs?

Top Christian Rap Songs 2018 1. Forgive Me—D-Young (ft. Mahadi) 2. New Reality— Lecrae (ft. Chinua Hawk) 3. Mission to Mars— Derek Minor (ft. PK) 4. Robot—Trip Lee 5. Dear Mr. Christian—Derek Minor (ft. Dee-1 & Lecrae) 6. Sweet Victory—Trip Lee (ft. Dimitri McDowell & Leah Smith) 7. One Sixteen—Trip Lee (ft. KB & Andy Mineo )