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Who is Keith Harkins wife?

Kelsey Harkinm. 2016
Keith Harkin/Spouse

Why did Damian leave glee?

He was the youngest member of “Celtic Thunder.” Damian had to resign from Celtic Thunder due to the commitment of starring in Glee. He described the parting as “bittersweet.” He was the youngest contestant on the The Glee Project (September 9, 1992), with the second being Alex Newell (August 20, 1992).

What happened to Damian from Celtic Thunder?

Damian McGinty has experienced “Glee.” Now he’s happy to be back in Celtic Thunder. The opportunity to rejoin the group came after two members of the singing ensemble — Colm Keegan and Emmett O’Hanlon — departed to pursue other projects.

Who are the members of Celtic Thunder 2021?

Current members

  • Neil Byrne.
  • Emmet Cahill.
  • Ryan Kelly.
  • Damian McGinty.
  • Paul Byrom.
  • George Donaldson.
  • Daniel Furlong.
  • Keith Harkin.

How old was Damian when he joined Celtic Thunder?

McGinty joined the newly formed Celtic Thunder in 2008 as a boy soprano at 14, and as he aged, developed a rich baritone, while still singing tenor and able to hit the high notes.

Who are the 2021 members of Celtic Thunder?

Is Michael O’Dwyer still with Celtic Thunder?

Michael came to the attention of Celtic Thunder’s producer Sharon Browne and Musical Director David Munro in 2016. Michael has left Celtic Thunder to work on his dream as a Solo Artist.

Where did Damian from Celtic Thunder come from?

Damian was born in Derry, Northern Ireland. Selected in 2007 by producer Sharon Browne and musical director Phil Coulter to join the inaugural cast of Celtic Thunder, Damian quickly became a fan favorite for his friendly charm and his big voice.

How old was Damian McGinty when he played for Celtic?

Damian McGinty stole the hearts of Celtic Thunders Fans in 2008 with his heartwarming “Come By the Hills” and fun performance of “Puppy Love” at the tender age of only 14.

What’s the name of Damian McGinty’s new EP?

The physical disc version of Damian’s new EP, Those Were The Days, is now available! This new 7-track EP will take you on a nostalgic journey. With raging melodies and lyrics more honest than ever, this is a new music release you won’t want to miss.