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Who is jayaprakash gandhi?

J.P Gandhi is one of the key persons for introducing life altering education reforms by providing advice to the higher education department at the state and national level. Moreover, he is continuously featured across multiple media platforms such as T.V, Radio and Print for his inputs.

What is the meaning of career guidance?

Career guidance can be defined as a comprehensive, developmental program designed to assist individuals in making and implementing informed educational and occupational choices. In simple words, it is a journey on which people develop to make mature and informed decisions.

How can I contact Jayaprakash Gandhi?

Contact Info

  1. Phone: +91-427-2449482.
  2. Mobile: +91 99948 97500.
  3. Email: [email protected].

What is career guidance and its importance?

Career guidance help students understand their strengths and weaknesses and then match them with their skills and interest so that they get the best suitable career choice. Professional career and college counselling help in narrowing down the options so that finding the right career or college becomes easy.

What is the purpose of career guidance program?

Career guidance field provides direction, provision, and ability to students to have career readiness, able to plan, making career decisions and achieving career maturity.

Why do we need guidance?

The need of guidance is something that cannot be ignored by anyone. Furthermore, guidance helps in the development of educational, vocational, and psychological skills in an individual. Guidance ensures that each individual’s choices must serve the interests of the society as well as the interest of the individual.

What are the personal benefits of career guidance?

More importantly, career guidance supports people to access decent work, and education or training opportunities that provide access to a source of income, social contact, purposeful activity, and some healthy challenges.

What is a guidance program?

1.  system of services designed to improve the adjustment of each and every person for whom it was organized (Hatch and Costar (1961)  responsive to the student’s needs and recognizes the student as an individual.

What is the benefits of career guidance?

Career Counselling helps them understand the career options that they have, and how to pursue them. Career Counselling helps them understand their own strengths and weaknesses with regard to their present course or profession, and lets them know what career they would be suited for.

How can career guidance help you in your future?

In addition to getting help with matters that involve beginning your career, such as choosing a vocation or securing your first job, you can also get direction about things that occur later. For example, career guidance services also include helping individuals advance their careers and deal with workplace issues.

What does a career facilitator do?

Career facilitators help plan, conduct and administrate programs that train individuals to improve their skills and knowledge. According to, the average salary for a career facilitator is $57,000.

What is the purpose of school guidance program?

The aims of guidance and counselling programs in schools are to assist individuals to develop the ability to understand them, to solve their own problems, and to make appropriate adjustments to their environment.