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Who is in the Super Bowl Mountain Dew commercial?

superstar John Cena
In Mountain Dew’s ad, created by TBWA\Chiat\Day New York, WWE superstar John Cena drives a pink convertible down a city block that’s been transformed into a watermelon-themed amusement park with hallucinogenic qualities. Bottles of Mountain Dew fly above with wings made of watermelon slices.

Who is the girl on the big wheel in the Mountain Dew commercial?

Former UFC Bantamweight Champion Holly Holm and professional skateboarder Mariah Duran are featured in Mountain Dew’s new promotional campaign called “Let’s Do.” For Duran, the partnership with the company means more than just skating for commercials.

Who is in the Mountain Dew commercial 2021?

A new ad for Mountain Dew Zero Sugar finds original Gremlins star Zach Galligan on the couch next to his furry mogwai companion Gizmo as he offers the creature a sip of the soda. Howie Mandel, who voiced Gizmo in the 1984 film, returns to give life to the critter in the ad. “It is tasty.

Who won the Mountain Dew Super Bowl contest?

Mountain Dew challenged viewers to correctly count the exact number of Mountain Dew Major Melon bottles in their ad and tweet their guess. People had three chances, and Ryan DePaul, of Rochester, ended up the big winner on his very first guess.

Who is in the Pink Mountain Dew commercial?

John Cena made a candy-colored appearance in an ad for Mountain Dew’s new watermelon-flavored Major Melon soda during Sunday’s Super Bowl LV. The trippy clip showed the 43-year-old professional wrestler–turned–actor driving through a Mountain Dew–themed city.

Where is the Mountain Dew factory located?

While the color, the flavor, and marketing has changed since the creation of the Mountain Dew brand in the 1940s, some things remain the same. Mountain Dew is still made and bottled in Knoxville.

Do Dew commercials Migos?

The Migos are officially getting that commercial money for real… You know once a soft drink company decides to put you, you done made it. That being said the Migos are officially on as they have found themselves as the latest spokespersons for Mountain Dew and are even featured in the green soda’s latest commercial.

Who is in new Mountain Dew commercial?

star Zach Galligan
More videos on YouTube Mountain Dew reunited Gremlins star Zach Galligan with his best Mogwai buddy in a new ad for the company’s zero sugar drink. It features Billy foolishly trusting Gizmo to be careful with a bottle of the green stuff.

Who was the winner of the Mountain Dew commercial?