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Who is Geberit and what do they do?

Geberit operates as an integrated group with a very strong local presence in most European countries, providing unique added value when it comes to sanitary technology and bathroom ceramics.

Who is the new CFO of Geberit AG?

Aug. 02:00 04:00 06:00 08:00 730.93 769.40 807.87 Data provided by vwd group / EQS Group AG. The Board of Directors of Geberit AG has appointed Tobias Knechtle as the new Head of Group Executive Area Finance (CFO) and as a member of the Group Executive Board.

What kind of tap system does Geberit use?

Geberit tap system. With its new, modular tap system, Geberit has developed an impressive solution to remedy the general shortcomings of many touchless washbasin taps and specific problems that arise during the installation of wall-mounted taps.

What can Geberit kombifix installation elements be used for?

Geberit Kombifix installation elements are the solution for solid construction. The installation elements have been specially designed for use in exposed installations in front of a brick or concrete wall. Geberit know-how covers the entire path that the water travels as it moves through a building.

What does the flush plate on a Geberit do?

Every Geberit flush plate serves another important function. Lift the flush plate to reveal the working parts of the Geberit in-wall system. Without using tools, you can easily reach the fill and flush valves to perform simple maintenance.

Can a Geberit plumbing system be used in a bathroom?

Blend in or make a bold statement – the choice is yours. Whatever style or finish you need, Geberit offers the widest range of flush options available. Geberit in-wall systems hide unsightly plumbing hardware inside the wall, where it belongs. All you see is your beautiful bathroom.