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Who has the worst plus/minus in the NBA?

Manny Harris has the lowest plus-minus in a game, at -57 against the Lakers on January 11, 2011.

Who has the best +/- in the NBA?


Rank Player BPM
1. Michael Jordan* 9.22
2. LeBron James 8.86
3. Magic Johnson* 7.54
4. David Robinson* 7.48

Who has the best plus minus in the NBA 2021?

Rudy Gobert
Rudy Gobert had the highest plus-minus in 2020-21, at +728.

Rudy Gobert 2020-21 960
Mike Conley 2020-21 177
Royce O’Neale 2020-21 485
Joe Ingles 2020-21 244

What is real plus minus in NBA?

Real Plus Minus (RPM) is the player’s average impact in terms of net point differential per 100 offensive and defensive possessions. Offensive Real Plus-Minus: (ORPM): Player’s average impact on his team’s offensive performance, by the points scored per 100 offensive possessions. …

What is LeBron James plus-minus?

LeBron James has a plus-minus of +7126 in his career.

Who has the highest plus-minus?

Tim Duncan has the highest career plus-minus, at +8910.

Tim Duncan 1392 26,496
Dirk Nowitzki 1522 31,560
LeBron James 1198 32,543
Tony Parker 1254 19,473

Who has the highest PPG in NBA 2021?

Kevin Durant
2021-2022 NBA Regular Season Stats – Averages

# Player PPG
1 Kevin Durant 28.3
2 Paul George 27.9
3 Giannis Antetokounmpo 27.1
4 DeMar DeRozan 26.8

What is BPM in NBA?

Box Plus/Minus, Version 2.0 (BPM) is a basketball box score-based metric that estimates a basketball player’s contribution to the team when that player is on the court.