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Who has Max slept with in EastEnders?

Max had an affair with Tanya Cross. When he discovered she was pregnant with his child, he left Rachel and Bradley. Max came to Walford in 2006 and reunited with Bradley, who was now 18. He moved to Albert Square with Tanya and daughters Lauren and Abi.

When did Stacey and Max have an affair?

Stacey, Bradley, Jack, Tanya and Max – 2007 Max and Stacey’s affair was exposed on Christmas Day – what an episode!

Why was Tanya Branning in jail?

Tanya Branning – played by Jo Joyner – has had a tough few months. She endured a short stint in prison after ‘confessing’ that she attempted to murder her husband Max (Jake Wood).

What happened to Max brannings daughters?

The storyline ultimately concluded with Max attempting to commit suicide after his plan for revenge had failed, but this ended with both his daughters Lauren and Abi (Lorna Fitzgerald) accidentally falling off the roof from The Queen Victoria when they attempted to stop their father; Lauren survived the fall whilst Abi …

What happened to Max brannings wife?

Max was the love of her life, but his affair with Stacey destroyed their marriage, and nearly destroyed her. Though she’s had dalliances with Sean Slater, Jack Branning and even went up the aisle with Greg Jessop, it’s Max she always goes back to.

Who was buried alive in EastEnders?

Jake Wood on possible EastEnders return after being buried alive for six hours. Jake Wood was just 11 years old when he announced to his mum that he wanted to be an actor. Her response?

What happened Tanya Branning?

Tanya is diagnosed with cervical cancer and tells only Lauren and forbids her from telling anyone else. Greg briefly returns but cannot handle the news that Tanya has cancer and quickly leaves again. Tanya then decides to stop her therapy, but does not tell Lauren about this.

Is Stacey Slater pregnant again?

The actress, who plays Stacey Slater in the BBC soap, announced she is expecting her second child with husband Matt Kay. She also announced she will be taking a break from the soap. Lacey’s husband Matt said he was so happy when Lacey told him she was pregnant again.

Do Stacey and Bradley get back together?

Bradley and Stacey separate, and he moves away from Walford. Bradley returns after Stacey tracks him down and he asks for a divorce. She says that she cannot reunite with him as she has not forgiven herself for the affair, but Bradley later kisses her and she responds, and they get back together.

How old is Tanya from EastEnders?

Tanya Franks, 51, is an actress, writer and producer from London. She is best known for starring in Family Affairs, The Bill, Pulling, Lucy Stevens in Broadchurch and as Rainie Cross in EastEnders.

Who was Ava Hartman in EastEnders?

Ava Hartman (previously Anderton and James) is the eldest daughter of Cora Cross and the mother of Dexter Hartman. In July 2012, Cora tells Tanya that her daughter, Ava Anderton, was born in 1964 but was taken away by the staff while Cora was sleeping and they told her that Ava had died.