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Who has gas in Charleston?

Gas Prices

Price Station City
2.830 Exxon 1602 Sam Rittenberg Blvd Charleston Sep 16,6:01 AM Charleston
2.830 Shell 2407 Ashley River Rd Charleston Sep 15,4:21 PM Charleston
2.830 Parker’s 1140 Sam Rittenberg Blvd Charleston Sep 15,8:24 AM Charleston
2.840 Circle K 904 St Andrews Blvd Charleston Sep 15,5:27 PM Charleston

Is gasoline available in South Carolina?

Drivers urged to be patient, not refuel unless they have to

State % Empty
South Carolina 42%
Virginia 42%
Tennessee 14%
Florida 10%

Who has gas in Goose Creek SC?

Top 10 Gas Stations & Cheap Fuel Prices in Goose Creek, SC

  • NEX. 1765 Red Bank Rd. Goose Creek, SC.
  • NEX. 724 BOONE. Goose Creek, SC.
  • Walmart. 215 St James Ave. Goose Creek, SC.
  • Sunoco. & APlus. 200 St James Ave.
  • Parker’s. 1111 Cane Ave. Summerville, SC.
  • Speedway. 509 N Goose Creek Blvd.
  • Shell. 100 Stephanie Dr.
  • Circle K. 215 Red Bank Rd.

Why are gas prices going up California 2021?

Crude oil costs account for slightly more than half of the pump price, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. Another big reason for the increase experts say is people getting more relaxed with COVID and traveling. “There are more people on the road.

Who has the cheapest gas in Charleston?

Price Station Address
3.190 CITGO 5995 Rivers Ave North Charleston Oct 24,10:40 AM 5995 Rivers Ave
3.190 Spinx 4895 Ashley Phosphate Rd North Charleston Oct 24,9:17 AM 4895 Ashley Phosphate Rd
3.190 Circle K 2957 W Montague Ave North Charleston Oct 24,8:19 AM 2957 W Montague Ave

Is gas cheaper in SC or NC?

Data shows the overall price of gas is cheaper in South Carolina than in North Carolina and prices in Greenville beat those in Spartanburg. For more information on where to find the cheapest gas around the Upstate, click here.

What are the gas prices in Charleston Illinois?

Station Prices

  • Regular. $3.49.
  • $3.56.
  • $3.81.
  • $3.67.

When was the last gas shortage in the US?

The 2016 Southeastern United States gasoline shortage was an phenomenon caused by the 2016 Colonial Pipeline Leak and the resulting panic buying in which many gas stations across six states have entirely run out of gasoline, causing price hikes, halts of services, and several declarations of states of emergency.