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Who discovered mehrgarh?

Jean-François Jarrige
The site was discovered in 1974 by an archaeological team led by the French archaeologists Jean-François Jarrige and his wife, Catherine Jarrige. Mehrgarh was excavated continuously between 1974 and 1986, and again from 1997 to 2000.

What is mehrgarh famous for?

Mehrgarh is considered to be one of the most important Neolithic sites in archaeology. It is now considered to be a precursor to the Indus Valley Civilisation. Its discovery shed new light on the development of agricultural technologies and agrarian lifestyles of the ancient Stone Age people of South Asia.

What is the capital of mehrgarh?

Harappa was a major site of the Indus Valley Civilization. Mehrgarh was also a site of the same civilization which, in fact, predates Harappa. It is not known what was the capital of the Indus Valley Civilization. But most archaeologists believe either Mohenjodaro or Harappa was the capital.

What was found in mehrgarh?

At the ancient site of Mehrgarh, where the earliest evidence has been found, barley was the dominant crop and was apparently supplemented with some wheat. The barley found there is the well-developed domesticate, six-row barley.

Is Mehrgarh the oldest city in the world?

“Mehrgarh is one of the ancient civilisations of the world, dating back 11,000 years,” he claims, adding, “it is older than the Egyptian and Mesopotamian civilisations.” Going by the uncovered artefacts, Marri deduces that Mehrgarh was a highly developed society, having trade links with Badakhshan of Afghanistan.

Why is lothal important?

Lothal was a vital and thriving trade centre in ancient times, with its trade of beads, gems and valuable ornaments reaching the far corners of West Asia and Africa. The techniques and tools they pioneered for bead-making and in metallurgy have stood the test of time for over 4000 years.

Is Mehrgarh part of Indus valley civilization?

Mehrgarh is a Neolithic (7000 BCE to c. 2500 BCE) mountain site in the Balochistan province of Pakistan, which gave new insights on the emergence of the Indus Valley Civilisation. Mehrgarh is one of the earliest sites with evidence of farming and herding in South Asia.

What is Mehrgarh located today?

Mehrgarh is a Neolithic archaeological site situated on the Kacchi Plain of Balochistan in Pakistan. It is located near the Bolan Pass, to the west of the Indus River and between the modern-day Pakistani cities of Quetta, Kalat and Sibi.

Where is Mohenjo-daro now?

Mohenjo-daro, also spelled Mohenjodaro or Moenjodaro, group of mounds and ruins on the right bank of the Indus River, northern Sindh province, southern Pakistan. It lies on the flat alluvial plain of the Indus, about 50 miles (80 km) southwest of Sukkur.