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Who are the commentators for Showtime boxing?

Commentators. Brian Custer, currently serves as host of the program. The main broadcast team features Mauro Ranallo on blow-by-blow, Al Bernstein as chief color analyst and (when he is available) boxer Abner Mares as an analyst.

Who is the boxing commentator?

Larry Merchant
Born Larry Kaufman February 11, 1931 New York City, U.S.
Occupation Television journalist Boxing commentator
Notable credit(s) HBO World Championship Boxing commentator (1978–2012)
Spouse(s) Patricia Stich (former actress)

Who is the announcer on HBO?

Jim Lampley
After more than three decades in network television, and nearly 30 of them as host of HBO’s flagship World Championship Boxing franchise, Jim Lampley is one of America’s most renowned and respected broadcasters. He serves as host and blow-by-blow announcer for all HBO Boxing telecasts.

Who is Sam Watson?

Samuel William Watson (16 November 1952 – 27 November 2019) was an Aboriginal Australian activist and a socialist politician….Sam Watson (political activist)

Sam Watson
Occupation Writer filmmaker political activist
Political party Socialist Alliance
Children 2, including Samuel Wagan Watson

Who was the long haired boxing announcer?

Michael Buffer is a ring announcer who made his name in boxing and professional wrestling. He was born in 1944 during World War Two to an enlisted serviceman in the US Navy, but after his parents were divorced before he turned one, he was raised by foster parents.

Who was the greatest boxing announcer?

Commissioner Gordon’s Top 10 Boxing Announcers of All Time

  1. Gil Clancy. This manager and trainer of boxers was the best of the best.
  2. Don Dunphy.
  3. Howard Cosell.
  4. Al Bernstein.
  5. Al Albert.
  6. Marv Albert.
  7. Alex Wallau.
  8. Sal Marchiano.

Who is the most famous boxing commentator?

Here are my top five favorite boxing commentators today.

  1. Jim Lampley. 5 of 5.
  2. Paulie Malignaggi. 4 of 5.
  3. Max Kellerman. 3 of 5. Josh Hedges/Getty Images.
  4. Brian Kenny. 2 of 5. His interviews back in the day with Floyd Mayweather Jr.
  5. Dan Rafael. 1 of 5. There’s no better boxing insider than Dan Rafael of ESPN.

Who are the announcers for boxing after dark?

Boxing After Dark, or BAD for short, got its start on February 3, 1996 with commentators Jim Lampley and Larry Merchant. The first fight shown was an exciting 12-rounder featuring a then-unknown Marco Antonio Barrera and Kennedy McKinney. Barrera won by KO.

When did boxing after dark start on HBO?

Boxing After Dark is an HBO boxing program, premiered on February 3, 1996, that usually showed fights between well-known contenders, but usually not “championship” or “title” fights.

When did Jim Lampley stop boxing on HBO?

Fans may best know Lampley for his work on HBO World Championship Boxing show, Boxing After Dark and on the HBO pay-per-view telecast in March 1988 until December 2018 when HBO announced that they would drop the boxing program.

Why is HBO no longer showing boxing matches?

Various issues in the boxing business, including the influx of streaming options (such as DAZN and ESPN+) and issues with promoters, along with declining ratings and loss of interest in the sport among HBO’s subscribers, made continued carriage of the sport untenable.