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Who are species 125 on Star Trek?

Species 125 was the Borg designation for a humanoid race which, by the 2360s, had been assimilated into the Collective.

What species number is the Borg?

Species 8472
Species 8472 is a fictional extraterrestrial species in the science fiction television series Star Trek: Voyager. Species 8472 is a designation given to them by the Borg.

What species is Borg Queen?

This Queen was soon replaced by another, almost identical one — a drone assimilated from Species 125 — who encountered the U.S.S. Voyager in the Delta Quadrant when that Federation crew attempted to procure a transwarp coil.

How many species did the Borg assimilated?

By designation

Name Number assimilated Source
Species 263 Entire population prior to 2374 VOY: “The Omega Directive”
Species 312 At least one as of 2374 VOY: “Natural Law”
Species 571 At least two as of 2368 VOY: “Survival Instinct”
Species 6339 Over eleven billion as of 2375 VOY: “Infinite Regress”

Is Sevens mom the Borg Queen?

Erin Hansen was a Human exobiologist and the mother of Annika Hansen, the Human female who became Seven of Nine. She and her husband Magnus were the first Humans to closely study the Borg.

Is fluidic space real?

Fluidic space is an extra-dimensional realm which contained no stars or other detectable stellar bodies, filled only with a form of organic fluid. The only known indigenous lifeform was Species 8472.

Who are the Borg Queens in Star Trek?

Species 125 was the Borg designation for a humanoid race which, by the 2360s, had been assimilated into the Collective. One notable member of Species 125 was one of the Borg Queens, one of which was first encountered by Captain Jean-Luc Picard in 2366, before the Battle of Wolf 359.

What kind of species are the Borg in Star Trek?

Species 8472 is regarded by the Borg as the ultimate form of biological evolution, they are a space-faring, telepathic, extremely xenophobic, non-humanoid species originating from an extradimensional realm named Fluidic Space.

What was the Borg’s name for the Turei?

Species 5618: Human. The Borg used numerical species designations to identify various species and cultures they encountered. According to a deleted line from VOY: “Dragon’s Teeth”, the Turei were known to the Borg as “Species 532”.

Who was defeated by the Borg in Star Trek?

(VOY – “Scorpion”). Due to their assistance, the Borg defeated species 8472 and assimilated all but 10,000 members of species 116 which held Voyager accountable for the destruction of their race as the Collective continued to expand and finally surrounded their system with hundreds of cubes (VOY – “Hope and Fear”).