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Which team sold Rahul Chaudhari?

Puneri Paltan
However, Rahul Chaudhari was bought by Puneri Paltan for Rs 40 lakh. Earlier, a total of 22 international players have been sold so far during the foreign player auction on Day 2 of PKL 2021.

What is the height of Ajay Thakur?

1.85 m
Ajay Thakur/Height

What is the salary of Pardeep Narwal?

Pardeep Narwal PKL salary currently stands for Rs. 196 crore according to the sports in season 4 of Patna Pirates they have paid them Rs. 20 lakh and while going in season 4 it was increased up to Rs. 55 lakh and in season 6 they paid them Rs.

Who is the number 1 Kabaddi Raider?

1. Pardeep Narwal (1160 Points) Patna Pirates’ Pardeep Narwal is the most successful raider in the history of Pro Kabaddi. Pardeep has played 107 PKL matches till now in which he reached the mark of 1160 raid points which is more than anybody else in this tournament.

What is the height of Ajay Devgan in feet?

1.75 m
Ajay Devgn/Height

What is the age of Siddharth Desai kabaddi player?

Siddharth Desai (born 5 December 1991) is an Indian kabaddi player, who currently represents VIVO Pro Kabaddi franchise Telugu Titans….Siddharth Sirish Desai.

Personal information
Citizenship Indian
Occupation Kabaddi player
Height 1.89 m (6 ft 2 in)
Weight 87 kg (192 lb)

Who is God of Kabaddi?

He is one of the most successful raiders of Pro Kabaddi League and International Kabaddi. He spent five years with U Mumba and later moved to Jaipur Pink Panthers. In 2012, the Government of India conferred the Arjuna Award on him for his achievements in the sport….Anup Kumar (kabaddi)

Personal information
Retired 19 December 2018

Who is king of Kabaddi?

Pardeep Narwal

Personal information
Nickname(s) Dubki King
Nationality Indian
Citizenship Indian
Born Rindhana, Sonipat district, Haryana

Where did Rahul Chaudhari live as a child?

Rahul Chaudhari was born on 16 June 1993. He was born and bought up in Jalalpur Chhoiyaan village, Bijnor district in Uttar Pradesh. From childhood itself, he had a strong tendency towards kabaddi because of his elder brother. His elder brother Rohit Kumar used to play kabaddi for his village team as a raider.

How did Rahul Chaudhary get attracted to Kabaddi?

Rahul Chaudhari has featured in various music videos like “Dil Mera Dil” ‘A broken Heart Story’. He has also appeared on Roadies and the Kapil Sharma show. The 26-year-old was not a fan of playing Kabaddi in the start. He got attracted to the game after seeing his elder brother play it.

How many raid points does Rahul Chaudhari have?

With 146 raid points, he was adjudged the Best Raider of Season 4. In 2014, he captained the National Kabaddi Team of India during the Beach Asian Games in Phuket, Thailand.

Who is the highest point scorer in Kabaddi League?

➤Rahul Chaudhari is an Indian professional kabaddi player. ➤Currently, he is one of the highest point scorers in the VIVO Pro Kabaddi League. ➤He is a delight to watch and is referred to as ‘Showman’ because of his fantastic performance in the field.