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Which quarterback has the highest passer rating?

Aaron Rodgers
All-Time Passer Rating

1 Aaron Rodgers 104.93
2 Steve Young* 96.81
3 Tom Brady 96.62
4 Peyton Manning 95.71
5 Tony Romo 95.62

Is QB rating the same as passer rating?

Comparison to NFL passer rating According to ESPN, QBR is a more complete and meaningful alternative to the passer rating, which remains the official NFL measure of quarterback performance.

Who has best QB rating in NFL?

Russell Wilson
NFL Player Stats – QB Rating

Rank Player Value
1 Russell Wilson 125.3
2 Matthew Stafford 118.0
3 Dak Prescott 115.0
4 Kyler Murray 110.4

How do you find a passer rating?

How is passer rating determined?

  1. Completion percentage: Subtract 30 from the percentage of passes that are thrown for completions, then multiply by .
  2. Yards per attempt: Subtract yards per passing attempt by three, then multiply by .

How do they calculate passer rating?

Passer rating is calculated using a player’s passing attempts, completions, yards, touchdowns, and interceptions. Passer rating in the NFL is on a scale from 0 to 158.3. Passing efficiency in college football is on a scale from −731.6 to 1261.6.

What’s a good passer rating?

When the formula was first created, a 66.7 rating indicated an average performance, and a 100+ rating indicated an excellent performance. However, passing performance has improved steadily since then and in 2017 the league average rating was 88.6, and by 2020 it was 93.6.

Who is the most accurate passer in NFL history?

Drew Brees is the most accurate quarterback in NFL history Brees holds the top three pass completion seasons in NFL history and six of the top ten. In 2018, he ended the regular season with an unbelievable 74.4% pass completion tally.

Who has the highest passer rating in the NFL 2021?

Russell Wilson has the best passer rating this season, with a 125.3 rating.

Has Tom Brady ever had a perfect passer rating?

No quarterback has posted a perfect passer rating for an entire season….NFL quarterbacks who have posted a perfect passer rating.

Quarterback Tom Brady
Date 10/21/2007
Team New England Patriots, 49
Opponent Miami Dolphins
YDS 354

What is the formula for QB rating?

The scores for each category are added together. That sum is divided by six and multiplied by 100, which converts it into a rating on a scale from zero to 158.3. A putatively average QB would receive a rating of 66.7 (1 + 1 + 1 + 1 = 4, and 4/6 * 100 = 66.7).

What is the best QB rating?

The highest possible quarterback rating is 158.3, while the lowest is zero. However, in college football the highest rating is 1261.6 and the lowest rating is -731.6.

What is the highest QB rating possible?

The formula for this rating involves the number of yards, touchdowns, completions, attempts and interceptions recorded by the player. The highest possible quarterback rating is 158.3, while the lowest is zero.

What QB has the most career interceptions?

Brett Favre holds the record for most career interceptions thrown: 336. Favre’s first pass in an NFL regular season game resulted in an interception returned for a touchdown.

Who is the best QB of all time?

Tom Brady. You are either biased against Tom Brady or you don’t rate championships all that highly if you still don’t see Brady as the greatest QB of all

  • Joe Montana. Joe Montana retired after the 1994 season as the greatest QB of all time.
  • Peyton Manning.
  • Brett Favre.
  • Johnny Unitas.
  • Otto Graham.
  • John Elway.
  • Drew Brees.
  • Steve Young.
  • Aaron Rodgers.