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Which of the following functionalities are available on Web Intelligence?

The following sections have been added to the guide or updated: Building custom functions Overview of calculation extensions. New DatesBetween function added DatesBetween. New TimeBetween function added TimeBetween.

What is Web Intelligence tool?

Web Intelligence is a Business Intelligence reporting tool for business users to analyze data in Data Warehouse. Using Web Intelligence, business users can create basic, medium, and complex reports from transactional data in database and by creating Universes using Information Design Tool/UDT.

How do I create a Web Intelligence Report?

The Create a New Web Intelligence Document dialog box appears, displaying a list of available data sources. Select Universe as the data source, and click OK. The Universe dialog box appears, displaying the available universes. Double-click the universe to create a Web Intelligence document in.

What is SAP AFO?

SAP AFO is another add-on which is tightly embedded in the SAP BI platform with scheduling capabilities and provides the ability to retrieve data from SAP BW cubes and SAP HANA into Microsoft Office. It is however a powerful viewer for SAP related sources and exports to Excel and Powerpoint.

What computer language is used in SAP BO databases?

The ABAP programming language is the basis of the SAP system. SAP NetWeaver Application Server ABAP (AS ABAP) is the main application server for solutions, such as SAP Business Suite, SAP BW and other products offered by SAP.

What does SAP bods stand for?

Business Objects Data Services
The SAP BODS full form is Business Objects Data Services. Repository, Management Console, Designer, Job Server, Access Server, are important components of SAP BODS Architecture.

Is there a Webi 4.0 report function?

Webi 4.0 reports are also having same functions with some additional futures. Since the Tables are complex to add in the pages I have uploaded the PDF version of Webi Functions. Please click below link to see the complete overview of Webi report function. Please post your comments.

What is web intelligence and what does it do?

Web Intelligence is a Business Intelligence reporting tool for business users to analyze data in Data Warehouse. It assists business managers in the decision-making process for building future strategies.

What’s the new in SAP web intelligence 4.2?

SAP BI 4.2 SP3: What’s New in Web Intelligence by Christian AH-SOON available here SAP BI 4.2 SP3: What’s New in Web Intelligence Difficulty is very low. Easy to set up and you can turn easily your existing document into value-added report effortless Difficulty is low.

Which is the latest version of Web Intelligence?

The latest version of the tool is SAP BO 4.2. Web Intelligence Architecture SAP Webi has a three-layered architecture:  Database Layer – This layer defines multiple SAP and non-SAP data sources.  Semantic Layer – This layer defines multidimensional data model.