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Which is bigger 2 door or 4 door mini?

The biggest variation between the 2022 MINI 4 Door vs 2 Door Hardtop is the dimensions. Additionally, the exterior dimensions of the Hardtop 2 Door and 4 Door are slightly different. While they are both 68 inches wide, the larger model hits 158.8 inches long, while the smaller model is 152.2 inches long.

How long is a Mini Cooper in feet?

Cooper Dimensions

Dimensions in mm in feet
Length 3850 12.63
Width 1727 5.67
Height 1414 4.64
Wheelbase 2495 8.19

How many cylinders does a Mini Cooper have?

Full Specs Current Specs Reflect Model Year 2022 Hardtop 2 Door Specs Cooper Cooper SE
Seating 4 Adults 4 Adults
Doors 2 Doors 2 Doors
Engine Configuration TwinPower Turbo, 1.5-liter, inline 3-cylinder direct-injection engine with double VANOS Electric Motor
Horsepower (HP) 134 hp @ 4500 rpm 135 kW / 181 hp

What are the dimensions of a new mini car?

Dimensions of new MINI cars showing length, width and height. MINI 3-door. L x W x H: 3821 x 1727 x 1414 mm. Boot capacity: 211 dm 3. MINI 5-door. MINI Cabrio. New MINI Clubman 2019. MINI Countryman.

What are the dimensions of a Mini Countryman?

MINI Clubman L x W x H: 4253 x 1800 x 1441 mm Boot capacity: 360 dm 3 New MINI Countryman 2021

What kind of engine does a Mini Cooper have?

The peppy 1.5 Liter Turbo engine has got enough power with responsive handling to ensure hassle-free rides. A cool hatchback for a reasonable investment of $33,700. The entire team offered a good service, and my consultant Zach was virtuous to work with. The dealership was clean and neat with a pleasant ambiance.

What are the dimensions of a mini Cabrio?

Cabrio. 3821 mm. MINI 5-door. 3982 mm. Clubman. 4253 mm. Countryman. 4297 mm.