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Which high school has the best football team in Chicago?

Illinois High School Football Top 10 Poll

School W-L Pts
1. East St. Louis (11) (5-1) 128
2. Cary-Grove (2) (6-0) 118
3. Kankakee (6-0) 98
4. Chicago (St. Ignatius) (6-0) 83

How many classes are in Illinois high school football?

8 classes
After the 256 qualifiers have been determined, the schools are broken down into 8 classes of 32 teams each, based on the school’s classification enrollment (from last year’s report to the Illinois State Board of Education, adjusted by the 1.65 multiplier where applicable).

How many 8 men football teams are there in Illinois?

Eight-man teams by state

State 8-man 9-man
Illinois 24 0
Indiana 0 0
Iowa 61 0
Kansas 100 0

What conference is Lockport High School in?

Southwest Suburban Conference

Lockport Township High School
Staff 529
Enrollment 3,917 (2020-21)
Color(s) Maroon White Gold
Athletics conference Southwest Suburban Conference

What’s the biggest high school in Illinois?

The largest public school in Illinois (by enrollment) is Waukegan High School with 4,609 students.

Did Simeon win today?

Simeon lost to Wendell Phillips High School by two points, falling in the final seconds of the game at Gately Stadium. But the true win was seeing the love the students got after a rough week.

What class is JCA football?

The Joliet Catholic Academy Hilltoppers are currently 5-0 in ESCC/CCL play. The Hilltoppers are ranked No. 2 in the IHSA Class 5A Coaches Poll, and No. 8 in the EdgyTim Chicagoland Top 30 poll.