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Which episode of Top Gear is Bolivia special?

episode 6
Top Gear: Bolivia Special is a special 76-minute episode of the motoring series Top Gear, originally broadcast on BBC Two in the United Kingdom at 19:45 on 27 December 2009. This is episode 6 of series 14.

Was the top gear Patagonia special staged?

Preparations were made by the residents to protest their arrival. The protesters believed that the number plate was a direct reference to the 1982 Falklands War, fought between Argentina and the United Kingdom, and that it was a fake, deliberately designed for this specific trip to their country.

What car did top gear drive to the North Pole?

First car driven to the North Pole In 2007, the Hilux became the first car to be driven to the Magnetic North Pole – Top Gear presenter Jeremey Clarkson was behind the wheel. 3.

Is Top Gear Death Road staged?

Of course, Top Gear is scripted, but you can’t script the fact that in the following clip they were very close to falling. …

Was the Top Gear Bolivia Death Road fake?

Did Hammond ever make it to the North Pole?

Hammond never made it to the destination, as it felt cruel to make him go on “just so Clarkson could gloat”, so instead, he was collected along with the other presenters to be evacuated by plane.

Where did the boys go in Top Gear Bolivia?

The boys went to Bolivia for a 1000-mile epic journey from the Amazon Rainforest to the Pacific Ocean. For this journey, they have to buy cars that are 4WD (in which the producers recommend… See full summary » We’ve rounded up our most anticipated new and returning TV shows you can’t miss, all premiering in summer 2021.

Where did Top Gear get their cars from?

The presenters used second hand off-road vehicles, bought locally off the internet in Bolivia for less than £3,500 each.

What was the Burma Special on Top Gear?

Top Gear Burma Special Part 1 of 2. The team is crossing Burma to build a bridge over the River Kwai. The boys each purchase a second-hand lorries off the internet for a few hundred pounds…. Top Gear Burma Special Part 2 of 2.

Who is scared of heights in Top Gear?

Richard remarked on the other two’s inappropriate clothing and they all revealed their phobias. Richard is terrified of insects, James is scared of heights and Jeremy, manual labour, something James says is just ‘bone idleness.’ After doing nothing for a long time, a raft finally arrives with their cars.