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Which episode of Seinfeld is Vandelay Industries?

The Boyfriend, Part 1
Vandelay Industries is a fictional company that George Costanza claims to have been interviewed for as a latex salesman in when applying for an extension at the unemployment office in the Season Three episode, “The Boyfriend, Part 1”.

Who played Willie the dry cleaner on Seinfeld?

Joseph R. Sicari
The Secretary

“The Secretary”
Original air date December 8, 1994
Guest appearances
Vicki Lewis as Ada Steve Hytner as Kenny Bania Joseph R. Sicari as Willie Arminae Azarian as Saleswoman Mitzi McCall as Donna Richard Marion as Guy Thomas Mills as Moviegoer Glynis McCants as Woman Courtney Taylor as Attractive Applicant

Who was George’s secretary on Seinfeld?

Ada was George Costanza’s secretary with the New York Yankees. She was portrayed by Vicki Lewis. In “The Secretary”, George didn’t want to hire an attractive secretary so he could focus on his work, and in the interview process turned down a few women specifically because they were so attractive.

What episode is Art Vandelay?

The Stakeout
“The Stakeout,” Season 1 George tags along with Jerry and pretends to be Art Vandelay, an architect who works in the building, and an alias that George will continue to use throughout the series. The plot of this episode is based on a real-life experience of “Seinfeld” creator Larry David.

Where is Vandelay Industries?

Vandelay Industries is a real technology consulting firm in California named after a latex products company George Costanza makes up in an episode of Seinfeld.

Who is Kenny Bania?

Kenny Bania is a fellow comedian with whom Jerry frequently comes into contact on the New York City comedy circuit. He is a “hack” standup comedian, much loathed by Jerry. Bania is portrayed by Steve Hytner.

Who was Georges fiance?

Susan Ross
Heidi Swedberg is an American actress and musician. She is best known for her role as Susan Ross, the fiancée of George Costanza, on the television sitcom Seinfeld.

Was Art Vandelay an architect?

For those not well versed in the show about nothing’s running gags, Art Vandelay, a phony architect, was the alias of George Costanza. Vandelay Industries later became a fictional company on the show. Seinfeld’s Newman, meanwhile, was Jerry Seinfeld’s arch nemesis.

What was the first episode of Seinfeld?

The Seinfeld Chronicles
Seinfeld/First episode

When did the Secretary episode of Seinfeld air?

“The Secretary” is the 95th episode of NBC sitcom Seinfeld. This was the ninth episode for the sixth season, and was the first to use Castle Rock Entertainment’s new logo after its acquisition from Turner. It aired on December 8, 1994.

How old is Glynis McCants method of numerology?

Glynis McCants has been studying Numerology for over 27 years. Her unique method is based on the Pythagoras Number system, which is more than 2,500 years old… Glynis McCants has been studying Numerology for over 27 years. Her unique method is based on the Pythagoras Number system, which is more than 2,500 years old.

What did Elaine wear to the department store in Seinfeld?

When this episode aired, she was enjoying her big break as one of the stars of Pulp Fiction (notably being the only actor who appeared on the film’s iconic poster). When Elaine goes to the department store to return the dress, we can see between the cutouts that she’s wearing a white bra.

How big was Kramer’s suit in Seinfeld the Secretary?

Kramer is actually wearing a vintage suit and while he is the department store (I believe Barneys), Bania comes by and wants to buy the suit because he is working out and is now up to size 42. Kramer sells him the suit on the spot for ~ $300. The appearance of Bania is quite similar to the episode with the Armani suit.