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Which day is good for Thirunallar temple?

My guruji suggested that I visit the Sri Saneeswara Bhagwan temple at the Tirunallar. Saturday is the best day to visit spiritually.

What is special in Thirunallar?

Thirunallar contains the shrine of Lord Sani (Saturn), Tirunallar Saniswaran Temple within the temple dedicated to Lord Darbharanyeswaran, a form of Lord Shiva.

Is online booking needed for Thirunallar temple?

Only the people who have e-tickets will be able to do Darshan in Temple. Online e-tickets booking is mandatory for all the pilgrimages who wants to come in Temple for Darshan. Tickets will be unlimited and Darshan would be served in order. Ticket price would be 1000 for special entry, the price would be Rs.

Can we visit Thirunallar temple now?

Unlock 1: Thirunallar’s Lord Dharbaranyeswarar temple opens after 80 days. Only people from Puducherry and Karaikal can visit the temple as of now as inter-state transport is not allowed yet.

Who built Thirunallar Temple?

Appar and Sundarar, the other Nayanars have glorified the temple with their hymns. Arunagirinathar, a 15th-century poet and staunch devoteet of Lord Muruga has composed hymns on the deity and this temple is attributed to Murugan worship as well.

How do I get to Thirunallar by train?

Mayiladithirai is the nearest railway station that is located near the Thirunallar railway station. Trains from across the state come to Mayiladithirai station and it takes just a few minutes from this place to reach Thirunallar. One can also check the train schedules properly in order to get a better service.

Who built Thirunallar Saneeswaran temple?

Chola dynasty
The present masonry structure was built during the Chola dynasty in the 9th century, while later expansions are attributed to Vijayanagar rulers. The temple is maintained and administered by the Department of Hindu Religious Institutions by the Government of Puducherry.

Who is Saneeswara temple?

It is a temple dedicated to Lord Darbaranyesvara, a form of Lord Shiva, in which Lord Shani is located in a niche in a wall. At this temple, Lord Shani is considered to be of benevolent nature. Tirunallar is close to Pondicherry, and is of paramount importance to devotees.

How can I book Darshan Thirunallar Temple online?

Thirunallar Saneeswaran Temple Online Booking

  1. First of all visit the official website of Thirunallar temple or click on this link that is .
  2. Home page will open on your desktop screen.
  3. Click on sani peyarchi darshan option on your home page.

Is Kumbakonam a district?

Kumbakonam (formerly spelt as Coombaconum or Combaconum) is a city in the Thanjavur district in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

How do you become Thirunallar?

How is Sri Saneeswara Bhagavan ayulkaragan or protector of life?

At the end of Ezharai sani (7½ years Sani Period), he generously gifts a life which will be a permanent yogam in one’s life. Sri Saneeswara Bhagavan is Ayulkaragan or Protector of Life and possesses the power to cure hereditary diseases. He also gives mental zeal to face tough situations in life.

How to worship Dharbaranyeswarar in Thirunallar temple?

Thirunallar Special Worship Dharbaranyeswarar Temple Thirunallar Temple Thiru gnanasambandar. First, go to Nalathirtham and present the pool to the roam around right and should worship the idols Nalan and Tamayanti children in the middle of the pool. Sesame oil, stand facing north or east, and sink 9 times.

When is Sri Saneeswara Bhagavan Anugraha Sthalam in 2020?

The upcoming Sanipeyarchi Festival will be held on the Tamil month of Maargazhi, 12, Sunday Saarvari Tamil Year (27.12.2020) Early Morning 05.22 A.M. during which Lord Sri Saneeswara Bhagavan will transit from the Zodiac Sign Sagittarius (Dhanusu) to Capricorn (Magaram).

How does Sri Saneeswara Bhagavan showers his blessings?

Lord Sri Saneeswara Bhagavan showers his blessings like a Kamadhenu to his devotees surrendering unconditionally.