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Which countries are the most Globalised?

The globalization index for Switzerland was at 90.79 points in the globalization index 2020….Top 50 countries in the Globalization Index 2020.

Characteristic Index value in points
Sweden 89.44
United Kingdom 89.39
Germany 88.83
Austria 88.56

Which countries score the highest on the index of globalization?

Singapore was the leading country in the Globalization Index 2020 in the field of economic globalization. The 2020 edition of the index uses data from the year 2018. The index value for Singapore was determined at 93.63 points. The Netherlands followed with a score of 89.58 points.

What country has the greatest degree of globalization?

Switzerland was the most globalised country in the world, according to a 2016 survey by the KOF Swiss Economic Institute. It moved up one place to the top compared with the previous year.

Who are the winners in globalization?

It is generally thought that two groups are the big winners of the past two decades of globalization: the very rich (those at the top of national and global income distributions) and the middle classes of emerging market economies, especially in China, India, Indonesia and Brazil.

Which 5 countries are the most globalized?

Globalization Indexes and Rankings Most Global Countries ranking (KOF Index of Globalization, 2011): 1) Belgium (92.6); 2) Austria (91.67); 3) Netherlands (91.17); 4) Sweden (89.26); 5) Switzerland (88.98); 6) Demark (88.96); 7) France (87.65); 8) Hungary (87.62); 9) Portugal (87.28); 10) Ireland (86.45).

What is the most politically globalized country?

France ranked first in terms of political globalization with an index score of 97.98, according to the Globalization Index 2020. The 2020 edition of the index uses data from the year 2018. The index value for Germany was at 98.9 points.

Is Japan globalized?

The steady rise in its share of world trade until the 1990s was a key aspect of its rapid post-war development. But, contrary to what you would think, the OECD basically concludes that Japan is perhaps the least globalized of its 30 member countries.

Who is the losers of globalization?

In rich countries, the “losers” from globalization are the low-skilled workers who lose their jobs due to immigration and trade (and automation) and cannot find equally well paid work elsewhere.

Who loses from globalisation?


  • Unskilled manual labour who have seen a decline in employment opportunities with a structural change to the economy.
  • Average taxpayers who lose out from tax avoidance schemes of global multinationals.
  • The environment which is experiencing global warming and loss of natural resources.

Which countries are among the top 10 most globalized countries in the world?

Which countries are the most and least globalized?

The Netherlands topped the list for the second year in a row, followed by Singapore, Luxembourg, Ireland, Switzerland, the UK, Belgium, Sweden, Denmark and Germany. The US came in 20th, up one rank from 2011 but behind Thailand, Malaysia, South Korea and Hong Kong.

When did Japan become Globalised?

In Japan, globalization in the form of human dispersal began in the 15th and 16th centuries but underwent an extensive break during the Tokugawa Period. Befu identifies three quite distinct periods of globalization: pre-Tokugawa; mid-19th century through 1945; and the period following the Pacific War.

Which is the most globalized country in the world?

European Union. The KOF Swiss Economic Institute has released its index of the world’s most globalized countries, and Ireland finds itself at the top of a list that is decidedly European. Of the top 15 countries on the list, only Singapore, which ranked fourth, and Canada, which ranked 12th, are outside of Europe.

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What does Takis Fotopoulos mean by globalization in economics?

Economist Takis Fotopoulos defined “economic globalization” as the opening and deregulation of commodity, capital, and labor markets that led toward present neoliberal globalization.