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Which book is Betsy Byars favorite?

Though she’d officially become an author, Byars wrote in SAAS that “the first book that turned out the way I envisioned it was The Midnight Fox” (Viking, 1968). She called that title her favorite, and a turning point in her career that proved a confidence booster.

What did Betsy Byars write?

Betsy Byars (née Cromer; August 7, 1928 – February 26, 2020) was an American author of children’s books….

Betsy Byars
Genre Children’s fiction, Young adult fiction, Historical fiction, Realistic fiction
Notable works Summer of the Swans The Night Swimmers
Notable awards Newbery Medal 1971 National Book Award 1981

Is Betsy Byars still alive?

Deceased (1928–2020)
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Where is Betsy Byars from?

Charlotte, North Carolina, United States
Betsy Byars/Place of birth

How old is Betsy Byars?

91 years (1928–2020)
Betsy Byars/Age at death

Betsy Byars, who drew from life to write award-winning children’s books that often portrayed young people grappling with abandonment, died on Feb. 26 at her home in Seneca, S.C. She was 91.

Did Betsy Byars have children?

The Byars have four planes. Betsy Byars was born in Charlotte, N.C., in 1928. She now lives in Clemson, S.c. three daughters and one son.

How old was Betsy Byars?

Where does Betsy Byars live now?

Betsy lives with her husband Ed on an air strip in South Carolina. They are both pilots, and the bottom floor of their house is a hangar so they can taxi out and take off, almost from their front yard.

Where did Betsy Byars go to college?

Queens University of Charlotte
Furman University
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She earned a bachelor’s degree in English from what was then Queens College of Charlotte, now Queens University of Charlotte, in 1950, the same year she married Edward Byars.