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Which are the three key features of an Avamar system?

Key Features:

  • Fast, daily full backups using existing infrastructure and networks.
  • Variable-length deduplication for high performance and lower cost.
  • Simple, one-step recovery.
  • Intuitive centralized management and encryption for data security.
  • Integration with EMC Data Domain systems for enhanced scalability.

How does Avamar backup work?

Using VADP, Avamar can back up VMware virtual machines without using backup agents inside each virtual machine. This proxy server can communicate with the vCenter server to mount a snapshot of a particular VM’s vmdk to perform image-level backup of that virtual machine.

What is Avamar server?

Avamar is a deduplication backup and recovery software/hardware system with a client-side global deduplication technology. Enabling you to delete redundant backup data on a client before storing data.

What is avamar used for?

Features. Dell EMC Avamar enables fast, efficient backup and recovery through its integrated variable-length deduplication technology. Avamar is optimized for fast, daily full backups of physical and virtual environments, NAS servers, enterprise applications, remote offices and desktops/laptops.

Which of the following RAID types protect an Avamar server from disk data corruption or failure?

Avamar ensures protection from disk and data corruption through the use of RAID (redundant array of independent disks). The type of RAID depends on the particular node type. Just FYI, the Utility node and NDMP accelerator nodes both only have 2 146GB physical disks configured with RAID-1.

Is Avamar hardware or software?

Dell EMC Avamar is a hardware and software data backup product. Avamar began as a private company and was among the first vendors to sell data deduplication software for backup data.

Is Avamar cloud based?

The industry-leading, top-rated, cloud-to-cloud data protection solution built from the start for SaaS enterprises.

How do I add a data domain to Avamar?

Add DDVE to Avamar

  1. Open the Avamar Administrator Console.
  2. Click on Server tab.
  3. Click on the Server Management tab.
  4. Click on Actions -> Add Data Domain System. On the System tab of the subsequent Window input the following details. Provide Data Domain FQDN DNS name. DDBoost user name and password. On the SNMP tab.

What are the features of the Avamar server?

Avamar employs a scalable disk-based, server architecture built of modules that provide a balance of connectivity, security, processing and disk storage resources. Scheduled backup and replication functionality enable efficient backup of remote sites and provide disaster recovery of primary backup sites.

What is media access node in EMC Avamar?

The Media Access Node is an optional node that can be used as a pass-through device for sending Avamar backup data to tape for long term storage RAID (redundant array of independent disks) is a method of protection for disk data corruption. RAID is a balance between performance and efficiency.

What is the purpose of a checkpoint in Avamar?

Efficient, scheduled replication (local or remote) ensures availability/redundancy of data if primary server is lost. Checkpoints protect the server in the event of operational failures. They provide redundancy across time. Checkpoints are a read-only snapshot of the Avamar server taken to facilitate server rollbacks.

What is The NDMP accelerator in EMC Avamar?

The NDMP Accelerator is an optional specialized node that, when used as part of an Avamar system, provides a complete backup and recovery solution for NAS devices via the Network Data Management Protocol (NDMP). Avamar supports EMC Isilon, VNX, and Celerra and NetApp filers with the NDMP Accelerator.