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Which AFL club has the most members in 2021?


  • West Coast Eagles 106,422 (Club record)
  • Richmond 105,084 (Club record)
  • Collingwood 82,527.
  • Essendon 81,662.
  • Carlton 81,302 (Club record)
  • Hawthorn 77,079.
  • Geelong 70,293 (Club record)
  • Adelaide Crows 60,232.

What AFL team has the most memberships?

the Eagles
It was the second straight season the Eagles topped the AFL membership tally and exceeded 100,000 members. As well as the Eagles and Tigers, Brisbane Lions, Carlton, Geelong Cats, Gold Coast Suns, Melbourne, North Melbourne, Port Adelaide and St Kilda all set new membership benchmarks.

How many people are in the Sydney Swans?

50,144 members
Sydney Swans members continue to show their support for the Club in season 2021 with the officially membership tally reaching 50,144 members. Sydney Swans members continue to show their support for the Club in season 2021 with the officially membership tally reaching 50,144 members.

How many AFL Gold members are there?

21.1 Gold Membership: Gold Membership is the highest level of AFL Membership, capped at 30,000 Members and available for purchase only to existing Gold Members.

Which AFL club has won the most premierships?

Essendon and Carlton have won the most VFL/AFL premierships, with a total of 16 each. Of the teams currently competing in the Australian Football League, only Fremantle, Gold Coast and Greater Western Sydney – three of the competition’s four newest clubs – are yet to win a premiership.

Which AFL team has the least amount of supporters?

Expansion clubs GWS and Gold Coast have the least members with 30, 185 and 19,460, respectively.

How many members do Hawthorn have?

77,079 MEMBERS
THANK YOU TO OUR 77,079 MEMBERS Hawthorn members are the lifeblood of our club and your support has been truly amazing.

Who has won the least AFL premierships?

South Melbourne / Sydney: 72 years (1933-2005) After the “Bloodbath” grand final loss against Carlton in 1945 — where a whopping nine players were reported, six from South Melbourne and three from the Blues — South Melbourne would not make the finals for another 25 years.

How many members are there in the AFL?

The AFL has released the membership numbers for all 18 clubs in what has been a record-breaking year for the league. In total, 1,057,572 memberships were sold in 2019 – the second consecutive year club memberships exceeded over one million. 11 clubs broke their all-time membership tally while 14 clubs recorded an increase on last year. Volume 0%

Are there rewards for being a AFL member?

There is a reward for remaining a member last year in that you can give away a free membership to someone who has never had one. That isn’t for all members though, only those with 11 game memberships or more. For instance, I pay for 3 memberships but only mine generated a free one.

What was the increase in AFL membership in 2020?

AFLW memberships sharply rose in 2020, increasing by 49 per cent, driven by the four expansion teams. Sorry, the video player failed to load. (Error Code: 100013)

Who is the CEO of the AFL in NSW?

Sydney and GWS numbers quoted by Gillon McLachlan in the article below. Addressing media in New South Wales, AFL CEO Gillon McLachlan shared his contentment with the game’s growth in the state. Hard times. I remember we were over 60000 a couple of years back but some down years and covid will definitely hit those numbers hard.