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Where is Zere Rocks dq9?

of the Heights of Loneliness
Zere Rocks is a stone replica of the town of Zere in Dragon Quest IX. It is located at the peak of the Heights of Loneliness.

How many Fyggs are there dq9?

seven fyggs
Fyggs have the power to make the dreams of those who eat them come true, but the wish is rarely granted in the way the wisher has in mind. There are seven fyggs that the player must collect but after the final boss an eighth fygg falls from the sky, to be collected by Lleviathan.

How do I beat Garth Goyle?

Garth Goyle can be a tedious boss to defeat, as he constantly buffs himself with Kabuff and Magic Barrier, raising his defence and resistance to magic. He can also Psyche Up to raise his tension. His two ways of damaging you are a physical attack and a stomp attack that hits the whole party.

Where can I get a terrible tattoo dq9?

hunting Bloody manguinis
A terrible tattoo is a cursed equipment in Dragon Quest IX. It can also be used in alchemy to create many things. The terrible tattoo can be found by hunting Bloody manguinis.

How do I get to Batsureg?

Sail to Urdus Marshland, which is to the north of the Djust Desert. Then walk north to the Iluugazar Plains, and enter the village of Batsureg in the center of Iluugazar Plains.

Where is the heights of loneliness in Dragon Quest 9?

Heights of Loneliness is a dungeon in Dragon Quest IX. It leads up the mountains near Lonely Plains to Zere Rocks. There is a cottage at the base of the Heights. Many routes in this area are vines- the hero needs to climb along the vines to access another area or platform.

How much HP does Garth Goyle have?


1054 255
Attack Defense
120 125

How much HP does equinox have dq9?

It first appeared as a grotto boss in Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies but was later regulated as an enemy….#283 – Equinox.

#283 – Equinox
HP MP Experience Gold 1800 255 10000 825 Attack Defense Speed 180 180 117
Dropped Item Dragontail whip, Vesta gauntlets
Locations Grotto

How do you beat Larstastnaras?

Larstastnaras is a demon. Therefore, the most effective strategy is to have a Mage or Priest who has the Beezlefreeze ability use it to keep her paralyzed. It will keep the boss from doing anything and make the fight extremely easy. While she is paralyzed, have your fighters defeat her.